Mar 10, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Chad Rankin

Surreal best describes Chad Rankin's painterly style. In fact, he goes by the username @sirreal. If you think the artists in the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group are all cut from the same cloth, just drop by to have a look - you'll see a wide range of styles. I'm pleased to present Chad's unique work today.

The Work

Contemporary Goddess © Chad Rankine
Contemporary Goddess © Chad Rankine

The Artist 

© Chad Rankine
My name is Chad Rankin and I am a Mobile Artist. 

In a world filled with overloaded schedules and not enough seconds in a minute I have found an outlet for my creative tendencies. I have been editing my photos on my iPod for the past two years. The Art that is being created with phones, tablets and in my case an iPod Touch is among a Renaissance of Artistic expression that I am proud to be a part of. 

With the iPod I am able to capture moments of time from my daily journeys. Those moments then find their way into my mobile creations. Sometimes they are players in a surreal landscapes or sometimes they stand alone in the glory that I found them. I don't know how many times I have turned my car around to get a shot that caught my eye. My images speak to me before I even capture them. I hope they may speak to the viewers as well. 

I'm a man of few words. I find it easier to communicate through images. This is why I have chosen the visual arts as my focus in college, receiving a degree in fine arts with an emphasis on painting and drawing. I have found my way into mobile editing through the constraints of time and the need to create. What a wonderful journey this has been thus far and an honor to be part of the Art of Mob. 

Chad's Commentary

This image I have chosen for the Painterly Group is a new piece I call "Contemporary Goddess". This piece came about after a visit to the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. I took the picture on the rooftop while the building was casting these strong, contrasting shadows. I knew that this would be a great environment for one of my pieces. When I create my pieces I use only images that I capture with my iPod. I then added the statue of Venus de Milo using the Juxtaposer app. After adding her, I created the shadows on the wall using the same app. Juxtaposer is my go to app. It allows me to arrange my images into compositions that help me tell my story. 

In this image I was playing off that recent visit to the museum that reminded me of how much Art is a constant recreation of history in a contemporary world. After arranging the pieces of the composition I used Photoforge 2 to adjust colors for a monochromatic palette. The next step was using the Glaze app to add the painted texture and finally the Blender app to tie it all together. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my work and for being part of the Art of Mob. 

"Don't let reality distort your vision." - Chad Rankin 

Find Chad: Instagram / Flickr

Apps mentioned:

Photoforge 2 (no longer available)


  1. Thank you again Geri for this fantastic opportunity.

  2. You're welcome Chad! It was a pleasure to work with you


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