Mar 19, 2014

Monkeying Around with The GorillaPod!

The good folks at JOBY who make the GorillaPod were kind enough to send me one of their flexible tripods with GripTight mount for my iPhone 5S. I've got all kinds of gadgets and lenses for my iPhone, but a tripod is the one thing I was missing.

It arrived and I was happy to see there wasn't much to assemble - I'm not that mechanical!

GorillaPod by JOBY
GorillaPod by JOBY
The GorillaPod has three flexible legs which can be set in different positions and since they're flexible they can be wrapped around objects - with this feature you're able to get a steady shot almost anywhere. The GripTight mount that holds the phone extends to hold smartphones between 2.1 and 2.8 inches wide (54-72mm) - with or without a case. You're not limited to using the mount with the GorillaPod - it will work with all standard tripods as well.

My first experiment was using it as a simple tripod. I set up a little scene to shoot a still life. I draped a piece of fabric over a chair near a sunny window and added a potted plant.

I was able to capture a great shot and no worries about a shaky iPhone! Score one for the GorillaPod!

Next I wanted to see what it could do with the macro lens on my Olloclilp. 

Another success! 

I started thinking of all the places the GorillaPod would come in handy. How about when you want those group shots and have your phone set up with a self-timer. I normally try to balance mine on a nearby surface, but those days are gone. I wrapped the flexible legs around the top of one of our dining room chairs. UPDATE: After I posted this I realized I had the iPhone mounted in backwards! Oh well, it works either way.

Hey, we're on a roll!

I can imagine using this on tree branches, stop signs, fences, anywhere I can get a grip with the GorillaPod.

But wait there's more - now I'm sounding like one of those late night commercials! There's also the GorillaCam app! (FREE on The App Store). With the app you can take timelapse photos, stop-motion photos and self-timed shots. With the Self-Timer you can take shots spaced from 1 to 120 seconds apart and if you add in Burst Mode you can take from 3 to 60 consecutive shots! There's also an Anti-Shake Camera Mode which won't snap the image until the phone is steady. The options on GorillaCam allow you to view a Bubble Level to make sure your horizons are straight (I should have used that on my dining room shot!), a Grid which displays the standard Rule of Thirds, a Tap Anywhere to Shoot option which allows you to tap anywhere on your phone screen to shoot a photo. You can also save photos from Small to Best resolution.

JOBY also makes a GorillaPod for consumer and professional SLRs and a couple of magnetic varieties too!

I want to thank JOBY for sending me their GorillaPod and I heartily give it two thumbs up!

UPDATE March 20, 2014: In response to Michal's question below, I figured out a configuration that works for portrait mode shown below.

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  1. Hi Geri

    Nice review, thanks. I fouund GorrillaPod to be an almost perfect tripod, except the one thing: shooting in portrait. I haven't found a practical way to mount it on a horizontal surface to do a portrait shot, it only works with eg. table legs.

    Did you find any solution for that?

  2. Hi Michal - Just for you - I figured out a way to do that and took photos and added to the blog post above. Hope this helps.

  3. You're star, Geri! Thanks a lot!


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