Mar 31, 2014

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 26


of or appropriate to a painter; artistic

Here's the latest showcase in the Painterly Mobile Art Monday series. If you have a creative streak but don't want to invest a lot of money into art supplies, painterly editing is the way to go! Take a virtual stroll through this beautiful gallery of images and when you're through, be sure to visit the Flickr Group for more wonderful creations.

Mobile Photography Family Portrait © Giancarlo Beltrame
Family Portrait © Giancarlo Beltrame

Mar 30, 2014

Anatomy of an Edit - I See Sap People

While hiking near Lake Arrowhead on a photo shoot, I discovered a tree trunk with sap dripping down the side. The colors were so brilliant that I took a few photos of it. While viewing on my iPad, the sap started to look like figures to me, so using Sketch Club, I drew some lines around the figures I found. 

There seemed to be a gent with hands in his pocket on the left and I wanted to emphasize this figure.

iPhoneography Tutorial by Geri Centonze

Mar 24, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Paul Cutright

Featured artist Paul Cutright asked me what it was about this image that I liked. For me, it was the flow and movement in the piece. My eye was drawn in and while looking at is I had a feeling of peace and relaxation. When you find out what Paul does for a living, you won't be surprised that I felt an easing of tensions while viewing his work!

The Work

A Walk by the River © Paul Cutright

Mar 22, 2014

Printicular and Walgreens Make Ordering Images Easy

The App Whisperer recently gave away coupon codes to try out Printicular's in-app photo service which can be ordered through the app and picked up at a local Walgreens or sent to your door worldwide! I was one of the lucky winners and placed my order through Printicular.

Easy to order:

1.  First select whether you want local Walgreen Pick-up or Direct to You.

2.  Pick the source of your photos: Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Picasa or Dropox.

3.  Select your photos.

4.  Select either Print to Walgreens or Deliver to Your Door. Pretty Simple!

My coupon was for 10 free images - I chose square format and selected 9 botanical shots from my Instagram feed and the other was a shot of my newest granddaughter which is hanging on my bulletin board. My prints were ready for pick up in about an hour! Now, how's that for fast service! I used my FREE coupon code, but the actual cost without the coupon for the 10 prints was only $3.90 - very reasonable for the quality.

The quality was clear and the color was accurate to my original image. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these lovely prints. I may frame several as a grouping to hang on my wall and would love to use a few to make some handmade greeting cards.

Thanks to The App Whisperer for making me aware of this fast and easy service.

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Mar 19, 2014

Monkeying Around with The GorillaPod!

The good folks at JOBY who make the GorillaPod were kind enough to send me one of their flexible tripods with GripTight mount for my iPhone 5S. I've got all kinds of gadgets and lenses for my iPhone, but a tripod is the one thing I was missing.

It arrived and I was happy to see there wasn't much to assemble - I'm not that mechanical!

GorillaPod by JOBY
GorillaPod by JOBY
The GorillaPod has three flexible legs which can be set in different positions and since they're flexible they can be wrapped around objects - with this feature you're able to get a steady shot almost anywhere. The GripTight mount that holds the phone extends to hold smartphones between 2.1 and 2.8 inches wide (54-72mm) - with or without a case. You're not limited to using the mount with the GorillaPod - it will work with all standard tripods as well.

Mar 18, 2014

tadaa Announces Winner of Filter Friday Contest - Duncan Powell

As a promoter of the Filter Friday Contest by tadaa, I got a sneak peak at the finalists and got to put in my vote for my favorites. I'm happy to say that out of the top five I picked, the winner was among them. 

Duncan took part in the Filter Friday competition by uploading an image with one of tadaa's cool new filters which were released during consecutive weeks of the contest. He was the lucky winner of a canvas print of his choice from Canvas Pop valued at $100! 

I wanted to know a bit more about the winning image, so I contacted Duncan and we was kind enough to answer a few questions.

First of all, congrats on winning the contest! Was the image that won shot with a mobile phone or DSLR?

My shot was taken with my iPhone 5S. 

Did you use any other apps to alter the image, or did you just use tadaa?

It was only edited on tadaa with the Berlin filter and the masking tools. 

© Duncan Powell
© Duncan Powell

Please tell me a bit about yourself and your photography experience.

Mar 17, 2014

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 25

of or appropriate to a painter; artistic

Here is just a small sample of images that were added to the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group. Please join us if you enjoy editing mobile images in a painterly way.

Lee Kathleen Hall © Carolyn Hall Young
Lee Kathleen Hall © Carolyn Hall Young

Mar 16, 2014

New Era Museum Announces Open Call for Kansas City Exhibition

Who? Anyone can apply worldwide

What? Submit two images that best represent your vision with mobile photography

When? Submission Deadline May 15, 2014

Where? Exhibition to be held in September in Kansas City

Why? Kansas City is to open a series of exhibitions around the globe throughout the year by the NEM (New Era Museum) whose goal is to spread the work being done by mobile artists worldwide.

For more information please go to the NEM website.

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Mar 15, 2014

The Whole Story by Eitan Shavit

The Whole Story usually features one image, but I was very intrigued by this series of shots by photographer Eitan Shavit.

The Photographs

The Blue Gate 1 © Eitan Shavit
The Blue Gate 1 © Eitan Shavit

Mar 14, 2014

Featured Mobile Photographer Gosia Radziszewska

In the early part of the twentieth century, my grandparents on my mother's side emigrated from Poland to the United States. I love seeing photographs of what could have been my homeland from Polish mobile photographers especially Gosia Radziszewska who is featured here today.

What is your name and where do you live?

My name is Gosia Radziszewska and I live in Poznan, Poland. I was born here, but then my parents decided that we should move to the south of Poland. Even though I lived there my whole childhood, I always considered Poznan as "my city", so nobody was surprised when I decided to go back to Poznan to study there.

Into the Fog © Gosia Radziszewska
Into the Fog © Gosia Radziszewska
How did you get your start with mobile photography? What device do you use?

Well, it's all thanks to my husband. Two years ago he convinced me to buy a real smartphone with a good camera (it was HTC One V). Then he showed me Instagram and Snapseed and I was quickly hooked on it. Though I didn't consider myself to be a mobile photographer at the time, someone else did. I was invited by Michal Koralewski to join "Grupa Mobilni", a group of mobile photography enthusiasts who want to promote this emerging art in Poland. I accepted the invitation and here my story actually begins. In the meantime, I switched to an iPhone due to better photography apps portfolio and edit possibilities.

Mar 12, 2014

What's App? Join in on PhotoAppFriday on Twitter

Noel Chenier came up with a great idea for a new Twitter hashtag - I interviewed him this week to tell us all about it.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your photography experience.

Since 1997, I have been a photojournalist for the provincial newspaper in New Brunswick, Canada. For almost the same time, I have been teaching a broad range of photography courses for both the general public as well as university and college level. I got into app developing as a way to keep my students inspired by coming up with my LearnPhoto365 app. Developing those apps really got me into mobile photography. For anyone who might be interested in the process of making apps, they might want to check out my blog, Adventures of a Newb App Developer.

Last week you introduced a new Twitter hashtag #photoappfriday. What is your intention for the tag?

Mar 10, 2014

Prism and Vintango

I probably need another app like I need...well, you get my drift. I can't help it, when I see one that looks like it might do something just a bit differently than the other 400 apps I have (Yes, I'm serious), then I'm off to The App Store. If they ever need a poster child for app addicts, I would be in the running!

Two apps I recently discovered are Vintango and Prism.

Vintango, currently FREE on The App Store (normally priced at $2.99) offers a variety of vintage effects. It's an easy to use interface. What I like best about Vintango is the ability to preview your photo with all of the presets at a glance. Here are just a few from the Basic Presets. There are also 20 Classic Styles, 20 Black and White and 20 Lomo Styles.

You can also crop or rotate your image and add text using one of 29 font styles. From Vintango you can save your image or share to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Painterly Mobile Artist Chad Rankin

Surreal best describes Chad Rankin's painterly style. In fact, he goes by the username @sirreal. If you think the artists in the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group are all cut from the same cloth, just drop by to have a look - you'll see a wide range of styles. I'm pleased to present Chad's unique work today.

The Work

Contemporary Goddess © Chad Rankine
Contemporary Goddess © Chad Rankine

Mar 8, 2014

The Whole Story by Mariëtte Schrijver

I have no idea what I will discover when I request The Whole Story behind an image. Little did I realize that this photograph that grabbed me by the heart would have such powerful meaning for Mariëtte Schrijver. How fitting that today is International Women's Day and this edition of The Whole Story features a moving image of a very courageous woman. 

The Photograph

Deo Volente © Mariette Schrijver
Deo Volente

The Whole Story

When I start, I never know what I'm going to do with a picture, what apps I'm going to use...things intuitive process. I always like to work with layers on layers to achieve a certain subtlety. I also want depth in each piece. The viewer must be able to "see" the layer below - to see what is untold and feel the atmosphere. Therefore, a work does not necessarily have to be beautiful... it is the experience that is important.

Mar 4, 2014

The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture - A Course by Susan Tuttle

Photographer, Artist, Author, Teacher - Is there any limit to the talent of Susan Tuttle? Would you like a chance to learn from one of the best? I just signed up for Susan's online course The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture, which is currently available at a discounted price. It is being offered at half-price for a very limited time!

Featured Mobile Photographer Nick Duncan

Geri's Note:  Although I normally edit my images until they barely resemble the original photo, I have a deep appreciation for the photographers whose work stands alone, without passing through dozens of apps first. One such photographer that I recently discovered on Instagram is Nick Duncan.

© Nick Duncan
What is your name and where do you live? 
My name is Nick Duncan and I live in rural Illinois, about 90 miles southwest of Chicago.

How did you get started with mobile photography? What device do you use?
I got started in mobile photography fairly recently...maybe two years ago. I was once making a living as a photographer shooting automotive and open wheel racing, among other things. Unfortunately, that career came to an end and I unsuccessfully tried to soldier on in other areas of the photography business. Following that..oh, can we call it a demise?...I went on a bit of a hiatus. Mobile photography was the thing that started to pull me back. You could say that it has reminded me what I loved about photography all along. I currently have an iPhone 4s.

© Nick Duncan

Mar 3, 2014

Make Your Own Simple Still Life Set-up by Peter Bryenton

Geri's Note: Peter Bryenton has become a friend that I may never meet! We became acquainted through our mutual love of mobile photography. We often exchange email tips so I thought it only fitting to invite Peter to share some of his advice to a wider audience.

Make Your Own Simple Still Life Set-up by Peter Bryenton

My view of photography with smartphones is taken from a perspective of looking back on a long and happy career working in studios and darkrooms equipped with the very best that money can buy.

I've learned a lot about lighting set-ups. I am still learning. Recently I've been thinking about ways to help mobile art photographers to explore lighting, to help them to learn to see how light and shade can be used as tools for making pictures. My aim was to create mini-tutorials, where one image showed the whole thing. I also wanted to use as few words as possible, for two reasons. One is that when we make pictures, we use parts of our eye-brain systems where words don't exist. The other is that the Internet teaches me that English is not everyone's first language.

When you look at light, consider also the shadows. Start to think about tonal values; shadows may be pale or dark. And what do the edges of the shadows look like? Are they sharp and distinct, with definite edges, or are they blurred and unclear, with soft, smooth boundaries?

The simple, low-cost set-up shown here can be used indoors, in daylight, on bright, sunny days, or on dull, rainy days. The position and size of the window will determine the light and shade. Try different points of view. Shoot at different times. figure out the angles. Investigate. Experiment. Compare your results.

I believe that learning to understand light and shade is absolutely fundamental to your journey as a photographic artist. I hope you will have lots of fun along the way. I did. I still do.

© Brypix

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 24

of or appropriate to a painter; artistic

Welcome to the first Painterly Mobile Art Monday for March. Where does the time go? The Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group has grown to 304 members. As the group grows, so does the array of beautiful works added each week. Be sure and visit to see all of the painterly creations.

Nothing That Belongs to Us © Dee Ashley
Nothing That Belongs to Us © Dee Ashley

Mar 1, 2014

What's Your Photobucket Hashtag?

What is it?

As a Photobucket Plus user I was allowed early access to a new Photobucket feature - Your Photobucket Hashtag. Simply, what this feature does, is allow you to claim a hashtag that will be uniquely YOURS. Then, any photos, whether your own or those of your friends, family or followers who use that hashtag on Photobucket, Twitter or Instagram will automatically have their photos uploaded to your hashtag album.

How to use it?

This feature has so many possibilities. Imagine you're at a wedding, graduation, party or other special event - you can create your own hashtag and everyone attending the event can use the hashtag, upload to Photobucket, Twitter or Instagram and all will be showcased in your hashtag album!

A company or brand could use their custom hashtag to gather images from customers around the globe using their product. This would also be a novel way to conduct an online photo competition because all three platforms could be used to upload photos rather than being limited to only one.

What's my hashtag?

I thought long and hard before claiming my hashtag (since for the time being I am only allowed one). I decided to use #pbiphoneography (all hashtags must begin with "pb"). My vision for this hashtag album is to create an online "living" gallery which will evolve as more iPhone photographers begin to use the hashtag. Most people are familiar with selfies and other random shots taken with an iPhone, but not everyone is aware of the the work being done by creatives worldwide.

Art of Mob will have a special page, The Gallery, dedicated to this hashtag album for all to view.

Join in!

I invite you to join me and start tagging your artistic images shot and edited with your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) with #pbiphoneography! Happy tagging!

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