Feb 20, 2014

The Whole Story - Photo by Rebecca Bayer

What a beautiful scene in today's Whole Story photograph by Rebecca Bayer. When you're done reading be sure to visit Rebecca's Instagram gallery for more of her stunning work!  If you'd like a chance to be featured, just tag your mobile photos with the hashtag #the_whole_story on Instagram. 

The Photograph

© Rebecca Bayer
© Rebecca Bayer

The Whole Story by Rebecca Bayer

The photo I shot here was one I took on my way to shoot an old homestead that I'd been intending to get a photo of for the past 5 years! Yes, it took me that long to get back around to this spot...a spot I thought I'd see again much sooner than 5 years! Lesson to be learned here is to stop and take the picture! Don't just let it go! Because you never know how long it will take to get back there!  Anyhow, this rise was where my brother, Travis, stopped for me! We were waiting on my husband who was lagging behind us in the car on the hill to the right! From TX and wasn't used to seeing snow flurries! 

This picture didn't take a whole lot of editing compared to lots of others I've done. It was edited in a few steps; Lightroom first, just to bring up the exposure in the shadows and clear it up a little. Then, the clouds needed some contrast, so I boosted that a bit. I imported into Snapseed to add a little overall drama before finishing it off with a couple of touches of light. I always save to the largest image size available to keep the quality. Some apps will reduce your image size when you save it, which sometimes creates bad pixelation. Lesson learned - check the app settings and set it to maximize your output! 

The Photographer

© Rebecca Bayer
Born and raised on the coast of Mendocino County in Northern California. I shoveled concrete with my dad's construction company crew when I was 15. I was a wild land firefighter once upon a time in my early 20's, working for CDF, stationed in Covelo, Mendocino County. I became interested in the art world in a more serious way in my 30's where I developed wholesale framed art for the likes of LazyBoy, Star Furniture and Bed Bath & Beyond. Currently, I own my own wholesale framing company, designing and manufacturing exclusively for Bed Bath & Beyond. 

I was a snapshot sort of photographer until I was in my twenties when I got a "real camera" and became a semi-serious amateur photographer wanna-be! My collection of good shots was spotty at best! I think I hit my stride with the digital age! Ahhh yes, it was a much more instant gratification! 

Find Rebecca:  Instagram 


  1. Such a lovely image! At first, I thought it was ocean waves. Just stunning!

  2. I thought the same Anne - take a look at her IG gallery - it's stunning!


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