Feb 7, 2014

The Whole Story - Jane Schultz

Better known as @phot0bug on Instagram, Jane Schultz is the photographer featured in today's edition of The Whole Story. If you'd like a chance to be featured, just tag your mobile photos with the hashtag #the_whole_story on Instagram. 

The Photograph

You can’t stop looking me, staring at me 
Be what I be, you can’t stop looking at me 
So get up out my face, 
You can’t stop clickin at me 
Writin’ ’bout me, tweeting ’bout me, 
I can’t stop, it’s what I gon’ be, 
My swagger’s in check 
(The Real California a Milk Song -Cher Lloyd) .

The Whole Story by Jane Schultz

This image is part of a collaborative series with my friend Adam, @atmytime. The series concept was to bring together our very different styles to portray cows in unlikely places, something that made us break out in laughter when we first thought of it. As an East Coaster, I supplied the abandoned BBQ backdrop. My Texan collab partner supplied the angus with edits. I then added wings, blending and painting. And so this exemplifies the edit process. I added textures and painterly touches, including self made textures, using numerous apps including Procreate, Sumo Paint, aremaC, and ArtRage. My finishing touches involved Filterstorm and a set of lyrics. This image was truly a collaborative process, from the combination of images to the editing and conceptual elements.

The Photographer

© Jane Schultz
Jane Schultz - An intellectual property, wife, and mother, residing in the East Coast of the U.S. Over many years, I have been immersed in a passion for photography and music. With no formal training in art, I am self-taught in photography, moving from DSLR work to primarily mobile imagery. I have no set style, but let the creative process take me and my image wherever it goes. At times, the process becomes like a dreamscape, going wherever my inner reach takes it and pouring out what can't otherwise be said.  Mobile artistry has provided me with a creative medium to lose myself in, and a wonderful opportunity to engage with many talented artists. I administer the ig_artistry feed on Instagram, which seeks to foster originality and emotional content in art.

Find Jane:  Instagram / Instagram 2 / EyeEm / iphoneart / Flickr


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