Feb 11, 2014

Stackables App Giveaway

Samer Azzam, creator of ProCam, ProCam2 and PhotoFusion just released a new app Stackables. I could spend hours playing with this app. You can edit your photos by applying textures, filters, color overlays, patterns, fixed formulas or custom formulas you can create and save. You can also adjust exposure, add vignette, convert to sepia tone, blur, add tilt-shift, depth of field, posterize and invert! The app saves at full resolution. Just a note, when you apply any of the default or customized formulas, it takes a bit longer to save. It's available for $0.99 on The App Store for a limited time to celebrate the launch), but you can get a copy free if you're one of the first five to comment on this post! (Thank you Samer!)

The first five readers to comment on this post will receive a promo code for a free download of Stackables. 

Look at the variations I created with this app shown in this collage below.

Info from The App Store listing

Stackables is the most advanced and comprehensive effect layering and blending app. It's packed with over 150 effects expertly crafted by photographer and artist, Dirk Wuestenhagen. These include tasteful grunge textures, light leaks and bokeh textures, painterly textures, abstract weather and clouds textures, grit and grain textures, original vintage filters, gorgeous gradients, elaborate geometric patterns, and much more - all stackable, all adjustable, all undoable, all breathtakingly beautiful! 

In addition, Stackables comes equipped with over 20 professional adjustment tools most notably White Balance, Color Balance, Vignette, Sepia, Blur, Tilt Shift, and Depth of Field. And for the first time ever on a mobile device, these tools are added as layers, giving you unprecedented control over color and tonal levels in your composition. 

Stackables’ layers-based architecture and nondestructive workflow encourage experimentation and foster creativity. Add layers to your heart’s content and see impressive results with every new layer. And have peace of mind knowing that all edits are completely modifiable and reversible regardless of when you’ve done them in your editing process.

Instantly transform your photos into works of art with 23 preset formulas meticulously constructed by Dirk. Or save your own edits as formulas and never lose a custom edit you love. 

With its revolutionary design, easy to navigate interface, and streamlined workflow, Stackables is perfect for any skill level. Whether you’re an avid photographer or an aspiring enthusiast, Stackables provides you with the tools you need to elevate your mobile artistry. 

Note: Screenshot images are processed entirely with Stackables' preset formulas, namely Berries, Dreamscape, Modern Quilt, Warm Glow, and Orange Day. Screenshot images are in square format for illustration purposes only; Stackables supports all image aspect ratios. 

◉ 150+ unique effects (many with multiple variations) 
◉ 20+ professional adjustment tools 
◉ Unlimited layers. Modify, rotate, rearrange, hide, and delete layers. 
◉ 18 blend modes with live preview
◉ 23 preset formulas and the ability to save your own edits as formulas 
◉ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email sharing options. Also supports iOS’s “Open in Other Apps” protocol.
◉ URL Scheme "stackables://"

◉ Minimalist iOS 7 design that redefines simplicity and emphasizes functionality
◉ Innovative expandable panels design gives you access to effects, blend modes, and layers all from the same screen. You no longer have to wonder what layer you're working on or what blend mode you have chosen and navigate multiple windows just to find out. Everything is right there in front of you, updated in real time.
◉ Space-saving retractable panel design allows you to take full advantage of your beautiful retina screen. All the tools at your fingertips when you need them and out of your way when you don't. 

◉ 16MP (4000 x 4000) on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad mini Retina, iPad 3G, iPad 4G, iPad Air
◉ 8MP (2828 x 2828) on iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 4s, iPad mini, iPad 2
◉ 4MP (2000 x 2000) on iPhone 4


  1. I definitely NEED this app!

  2. I love your blog and all the amazing photos!

  3. this looks fun. Love your blog

  4. Code was sent - have fun!

  5. Thanks Doris - enjoy Stackables!

  6. Definitely a keeper in my App arsenal! Enjoy

  7. Hoping I'm not to late... Love the promo code! Tks!

  8. You're #5 - just sent your code

  9. Not too late this time Lilian - congrats - your code has been sent

  10. Thank you my dear friend. I sure will use the app a lot! 🙏

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