Feb 7, 2014

Create a Botanical Illustration with Apps

In this tutorial, I will explain my workflow for taking this photo:

and turning it into this one that has the quality of a botanical illustration:

Step 1 - Diptic

Insert the original image in both the upper and lower frames of a Diptic 2-photo square layout. (This step is optional - I did this to make my image look like a circle of flowers)

Next, flip the bottom image so it creates a mirror image of the top one and then decrease the white borders. Save results. (This could also be done by using any of the apps that produce mirror images)

Step 2 - Snapseed

Open Image 2 in Snapseed and adjust Tuning Brightness -10, Ambiance +20, Warmth +25.  Apply changes and adjust Details: Structure +50. Apply changes and save.

Step 3 - Tangled FX

Open image 3 in Tangled FX and adjust to your liking (to view one of my customized Tangled FX formulas, check out this post). Save changes.

Step 4 - Painteresque

Open Image 4 in Painteresque and use Painteresque2 Style - Save changes.

Step 5 - Tangled FX 

Open Image 5 and run it through Tangled FX one more time.  Save changes.

Step 6 - Snapseed

If needed make final adjustments to Tuning: Brightness -10, Ambiance +20, Saturation -10, Warmth +20. Apply. Finally apply a Center Focus and adjust Blur Strength +40, Outer Brightness -60 and Inner Brightness +35. Save Final Changes

Here are a couple more samples using basically the same technique. If you find your edited image is too strong, you can always tone it down by combining it with one of the earlier stages using a blender app like Image Blender.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your process, Geri. I have a question for you: I tried to post an image I had edited in TangledFX onto Instagram the other day...when I brought the photo into Instagram and tapped the "Next" button to post it, the photo quality dramatically went down, to the point where I wouldn't even post it because it looked so bad. I attempted it several times and it happened each time. Has that ever happened to you? Do you have any idea why this would have happened? I'm completely stumped. If you have any advice or answers, I'd greatly appreciate it. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. sent you a personal email - hope that helps

  3. you're welcome!

  4. Lovely image. I just discovered Art of Mob and the Flickr group. A shot of fresh air, especially as we here in the Mid Atlantic are expecting yet another huge snow storm. I can't wait for spring and this image is the harbinger of warmer weather - can't wait.

  5. Thanks Tracy! Another storm? Oh my, we would gladly take some of that out west where it is so dry. Hope it warms up soon!

  6. Geri, I haven't received your email...I just double checked. Can you try re-sending it? Thank you!

  7. Hi Dani - Yes, I used several apps for this edit - Each step lists the app used and if you click on the name it will take you to the itunes store to see the app.

  8. Geri, you are super generous!

  9. Hi Geri, I'd like to be able to create a more traditional black and white drawing, as was used in engravings. I'm not finding a clear path forward with this, so if you have any suggestions, I'd be much obliged. An example follows. Your work is lovely !!!

  10. Here is the image example of what I'm shooting for.

  11. I'll check into a few apps that I would use to accomplish that and send you a response. Thanks for posting the example.

  12. I didn't see the image posted so here is a link to the web page: http://www.plantillustrations.org/illustration.php?id_illustration=70595&height=1080

  13. This is the closest I could come using the Etchings app. This shows the before and after.


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