Jan 5, 2014

The Whole Story - Photo by Brett Chenoweth

When I saw this image by Brett Chenoweth, I figured there must be something more to this than just the convergence of lines  and an empty chair. The story didn't disappoint, as you will see below. 

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The Photograph

© Brett Chenoweth
Once Upon a Time, 1969...© Brett Chenoweth

The Whole Story by Brett Chenoweth

My daughter went to Montessori in the basement of a large building constructed in the 30's. On this particular day I was very early picking her up from her after school yoga class. I found myself in a part of the L-shaped hallway where I hadn't been before. A little waiting area contained some old furniture. I took in my surroundings while waiting for her to come down the stairs. the environment brought me back to another time, a time when I may have been waiting for my parents in such a place. 1969. I was five then. My daughter is five now. "Once upon a time I was as you are now." 

The Photographer

© Brett Chenoweth
I am a freelance artist, teacher, mother/father to my child and NEM founding artist. Creating and making stuff is my passion - I have been a working artist for over 25 years; an abstract painter for most of my art career.

Had to give up the studio for financial and single parenting reasons over two years ago. Stopped dead for several months then began drawing again. While taking photos for source material, I rediscovered photography (I was a photo major in art school). Soon after, I got my iPhone...meanwhile, working to create an online presence and getting my work back out into the world.

All this led me to mobile photography/art which is now my primary medium. An iPad allows me to mix drawing, painting and photography together with ease and it is taking my work into new directions. Also the perfect studio for a single parent!

I live in the midwest United States with my daughter and dog.

Find Brett:  NEM / EyeEm / Flickr 

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  1. It is always nice to know what possible story lies behind a picture and this post does not disappoint. Thank you for sharing Brett's thoughts with us Geri.


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