Jan 6, 2014

Tadaa SLR Currently FREE!

Tadaa SLR has a really smart masking tool that allows you to create the look of depth of field similar to what you could get using a DSLR camera. This tool allows you to zoom in very close to mask even the tiniest details. And it's currently FREE! I'm not sure if this is temporary and how widely available it is for FREE, but as of this post, it is FREE in the U.S. App Store.

Edited with Tadaa SLR © Geri Centonze
Edited with Tadaa SLR © Geri Centonze

Created by the team behind the popular photo editing and sharing apps tadaa & tadaa 3D, tadaa SLR lets users add breathtaking SLR-like effects to their photos

Key features
  • Create realistic depth of field and SLR-like Bokeh – works with any photo
  • “Tap-to-Focus” feature let’s you focus on background or foreground AFTER you’ve taken the photo
  • Breathtaking image quality of up to 16 megapixels
  • Incredible level of detail - perfect round aperture blade simulation for beautiful results
  • Make use of the app’s editing suite to choose from over 20 different filters or add a final touch with the cropping & adjustment tools


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have reposted it to my TiPA FaceBook page. I was just looking into Bokeh Lens By StudioTIMO. I have tried and like it. Just wish it were full resolution instead of 2024. I hope that with a future update this will be addressed.

  2. Great app! Thanks for sharing!


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