Jan 23, 2014

PocketShot and JUMP Cable- My Latest Kickstarter Pledges

One of my favorite television shows is Shark Tank - I love to see the ideas people come up with and imagine what I would do if I were given the opportunity to invest in them. I'll never be a billionaire investor on Shark Tank, but with Kickstarter, I can help smart people with good ideas bring them to fruition and get some cool new gadgets as well.

Here are two Kickstarter projects that I recently backed.

PocketShot - a portable smartphone accessory for mounting any phone in any case. This folding universal smartphone mount consists of two parts, the Cradle and the Handle. The Cradle will hold any phone and the Handle will mount on any tripod (including monopod, suction cup, Gorillapod, etc).

This project has received nearly $7,000 of the $35,000 goal and has 28 days to go for their campaign. The pledge amount is $25 and the item is scheduled to ship in May 2014. (Note: if you back a project and it is not fully funded, you will not be charged).

JUMP - The Smarphone Charger That Charges Itself! If you've ever been on a photo shoot and found yourself low on battery you may want to take a look at JUMP.  It's a charger and back-up all in one. Plug one end into your phone and the other into a power source. JUMP knows when your phone is fully charged and then begins charging itself. The fully charged JUMP will provide ⅓ the battery life of an iPhone 5s which is 3 hours 50 minutes of talk time or web browsing or 87 hours of standby time. The good part is that is weighs less than 2 "AA" batteries.  My current battery back-up weighs about 12 ounces and is larger than my phone! To top it all off, JUMP ends the messy tangled cords that we all have wherever our phones are charged. I can't wait until the release.

This project already has over $200,000 pledged and only needed $40,000 to fund, so it's a done deal. Estimated delivery of JUMP is May 2014 - currently available for pledge of $40.

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