Jan 13, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Vanessa Vox

Vanessa's painterly style brings to mind the works of Rembrandt, El Greco or Anthony van Dyck with her use of dark and golden tones and heavy textures. It is a pleasure to feature her work here. Please visit the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group to see more from Vanessa and all of the artists! 

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The Work

Inside the Music © Vanessa Vox
Inside the Music © Vanessa Vox
The Artist 

Vanessa Vox - I was born in 1964 in Paris and raised in the South of France. Art was always part of my life. Performing arts as well as Fine Arts, e.g. in the early eighties I was a member of a Renaissance performing group in Aix-en-Provence. However, since my childhood when I got my first plastic camera, I was always attracted by photography too. But it was only after the "digital revolution" changed the way of taking and processing photos that it became a more ambitious artistic aim for me. I am very happy with today's development of new applications. It is a fantastic new world for creatives. Since 2013, I am back in France again after working and studying in Germany and Switzerland.

Vanessa's Commentary

I took the pic with KitCam. I recall that is was a very special day, because all the 88 keys of the piano were placed on the living room table for a restoration. These fantastic mechanical pieces and the noble materials looked very beautiful and inspiring in the golden November light.

Editing is the major part of my work. The shot itself is like pushing a piano key. It invites me to a fascinating and unpredictable journey. I have to find my very own expression. In this case, I began with Photo Wizard for things like crop/sharpen/lighten/shadow. Then I continued with some of my favorite apps like the Jixi Pix apps, or Grunge, Laminar Pro, Glaze, Mextures, etc. It's always the most playful part of my work. Finally I used Blender for layering and mixing the different versions with my own collection of textures. This last step is very important to re-reveal hidden qualities.

Find Vanessa: Flickr / Facebook / Website / Twitter / Wordpress / Blogspot

Links to apps mentioned:

Jixi Pix
Modern Grunge
Laminar Pro
Image Blender

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  1. Thank you Geri for your wonderful introduction (woooow!) and for your fantastic page ART of MOB. I'm proud and honored to be a part of it!


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