Jan 27, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist - Cristian Margarita

I just love that I have been able to meet talented people from all over the globe through the medium of mobile photography. Each artist has their own unique style. Today I am happy to present the work of Cristian Margarita. Christian received three Honorable Mentions in the recent Mobile Photography Awards 2013 - 1 in the category of Digital Fine Art and 2 in the VisualFX category. Congratulations Cristian! Please visit the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group to see more from Cristian and all of the artists! 

Do you like to edit in a painterly style? Please join the group, we'd love to have you!

The Work

The Super Ape © Cristian Margarita
The Super Ape © Cristian Margarita
The Artist 
Cristian Margarita - Born in July of 1976. Lives in the province of Turin, Italy. As a young boy developed a passion for music and art in general later. Collaborated in the mid 90's in audio-visual projects and performances in some small artistic collectives of Turin and province.

In the next decade Cristian collaborates in other musical projects and creates a soundtrack for a short film presented at Corto Corto Film Festival, and uses his early work of generative music for an installation in the studio of a young and now established artist of Turin.

Bought his first iPhone to be able to play with the apps, but was struck by Hipstamatic. So intrigued was he by the discovery, he temporarily dropped music which led him to discover the amazing world behind mobile photography.

Cristian's Commentary

I started with random brush strokes and subsequently processed with Decim8 and Glaze. The strokes and their shadow on the texture of the canvas, in some areas, seem three-dimensional, textured and worn out, as if there was a detachment of the paint film. In other places instead, brightly colored and absorbed by the plot of the canvas.

During processing, the dark spot on the upper side, it was gradually transformed into a face resembling an ape with tribal costume. And the black bars on the left side, the claws that seem to catch us. Everything vaguely outlines the shape of the subject, giving depth and a bit of dynamism.

Find Cristian: Flickr / iphoneart / EyeEm / Instagram

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