Jan 22, 2014

Giveaway! Pixol App Released Today - The Puzzle Game for Instagram

I was flattered to be invited to have my photographs included as part of the new Pixol app released today on The App Store. Whenever I'm waiting whether it be on line or in a waiting room, I usually end up checking Instagram. With Pixol, I can not only do that but challenge my mind a bit too by solving a puzzle for each photo I find in my Instagram feed. I can Like or Comment right from the game too. You can read more about this app in the press release below.

I have five promo codes to giveaway - the first five commenters will be the winners (be sure to leave contact info so I can send you your code - if no contact info is included, I will have to select another winner)

Press Release:

Do you like playing photographic puzzle games? No? Neither do we...they are boring! But Pixol for iPhone reinvents the genre and takes picture guessing to a whole new level.

Pixol is a puzzle game that cleverly extends your Instagram experience while challenging the visual part of the brain.
  • Pixol helps improve your observation and problem solving skills.
  • Play offline with 120 stunning photographs offered by 25 of the best photographers of Instagram.
  • Play online connected to your Instagram account with photos from your Feed, your Likes, your own photos, or search photos by username or tag. Like, Follow and Comment along the way.
  • Pixol is suited for kids: entertain them with the simplified game option with an extra set of 60 animal photos!
Price $0.99

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.1 or greater

These are the photographers that contributed to Pixol: Belinda GreggBinkdubBobondiDanielle LindstromDan OtisDawn ReganDonatella SeddaEugenio Igoa EtcheverryGeri CentonzeGianpiero RivaJiří ŠiftařStephen HigginsAlex JiangHans EdvardssonVanessa RayMartin HuiMaurizio BiaginiMerek DavisMia CocooneNoel ChenierOsnuflazTrina DoppMartin ReischLaura FontaineTyler Forest HauserChad LittlejohnChiara Simonotti,Eva SchusterGabriel CurrieGoren MehmetJuha SoininenRenee HughesVolker Schumann

Screen Shot Bonus Stage

Screen Shot 


  1. mail: bluedragon74@hotmail.it
    thank you :D

  2. Looks like a fun app. @wyethia on Instagram.

  3. Congrats - code sent

  4. Wooo hoooo
    Im #3!!
    On ig

  5. Congrats! Promo code has been sent

  6. Ooo, I want this! It's Karin Weight, one of your devoted followers. @karinwei

  7. Congrats Karin - code has been sent!

  8. Wondering if you have any promo codes left. I wouldn't mind giving this puzzle app a try.

  9. Any codes left? I'll give it a try.

  10. You got the last one Bridget - Have fun!


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