Dec 30, 2013

Painterly Mobile Artist - Aylin Argun

Monday's Painterly Mobile Artist feature normally includes just one image that the artist has selected. This week I was sent two images by artist Aylin Argun for me to choose from. It was so hard to choose only one, so I decided to include both of them. You may know Aylin by her Instagram name @xxfromneptune.

Please visit the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group to see more from Aylin and all of the artists! Do you like to edit in a painterly style? Please join the group, we'd love to have you!

The Works

This Witch is About to Fly © Aylin Argun
This Witch is About to Fly © Aylin Argun

Kirke © Aylin Argun
Kirke © Aylin Argun

The Artist 

© Aylin Argun
Aylin Argun - I live  in ─░stanbul, Turkey I attended basic photography education and dark room seminars in 2005 at AFSAD (Ankara association of photographic artists). AFSAD is one of Turkey’s most prominent photographic training centers. I’ve been working on iPhone photography, editing and photographing via my iPhone for over two years. Along with black and white photographic works, I have been creating painterly photography with an emphasis on autobiography.

Aylin's Commentary

This Witch is About to Fly: A witch who can fly thanks to her red shoes. I took this photo with camera and self-timer. I turned it into a pictorial photograph on ArtRage. With paint tube, I added some red paint; I spread the paint as I wished with the help of the palette knife which I use frequently; sometimes using the Smearing Edge and sometimes Basic Palette Knife. After that, I added texture on the photo via ScratchCam.

Kirke:  Kirke is a magician goddess in Greek Mythology (She was renowned for her vast knowledge of drugs and herbs. Through the use of magical potions and a wand, she transformed her enemies, or those who offender her, into animals. She was a minor goddess of magic or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress.) I used only ArtRage and Snapseed for this photo; I created the brush effect via Palette Knife on ArtRage and I exercised contrast and brightness control on Snapseed.

Find Aylin: Website / Facebook / Flickr / Instagram / iphoneart / EyeEm / AMPt

Links to apps mentioned:

ScratchCam FX

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