Nov 7, 2013

The Whole Story - Unknown Horizons by Halil Yalçin

Once again, I bring you an image submitted for this series. Although a picture is worth a 1000 words, there are times when I want to know what is really going on in the photo and what captured the photographer's attention to want to freeze a particular moment in time. Today's submission is by Halil Yalçin - please read on to learn The Whole Story. If you would like to submit an image for a possible feature, please tag your images using the hashtag #the_whole_story on Instagram.

The Photograph
Unknown Horizons © Halil Yalcin

The Whole Story by Halil Yalçin

Do you know? Each migration has its own history. How could you leave all of them behind you? How could you take the road to go for unknown horizons? Is it easy to leave your home, your land, your sky and stars? Being witness to the migration of a family is a real sadness. 

I took a ferry during my last trip with my family. Gulls, fall, used ropes and a cup of tea under the autumn sun; They were all very pleasant. I said, what a nice trip! I wanted to have a short walk to relax my legs. Suddenly, I saw her. A silhouette...Black...She was sitting on the front side of the ferry near the ropes. She looked to the horizon. She hid her face, constantly praying. Three young men were standing near her.  The one that appeared the oldest called to her, “Don't worry mum, everything will be great. We had lost our hopes. A new life, chance will be with us and we will begin again. Don’t worry." She did not hear or did not care what he said. Her heart was dark, She was like a black shadow in the colorful world. Seagulls gave up following the ship. She returned to her prayer. 

I had already prepared my iPhone and I wanted to try a Hipstamatic combination that I had never used. I kept my camera on my chest. I took 5 or 6 photos. I tried to follow them as much as possible. I was sorry, but my curiosity took control. Far away from a big city. Screams of seagulls confused the sounds of the city. She felt herself as the smallest one, she felt loneliness in her heart. When the sounds rose, she felt the ship's whistle in her heart and understood that it was the end of the trip. She wanted to hold the ropes. She turned her head to the pier with worry on her face and saw the crowd. The end of the story...I can only guess and leave it to your own feelings.

I used only Hipstamatic for this image. This image was taken with Matty ALN + BlacKeys B+W
Here are more of my favorite Hipstamatic combinations:
  • Watts + D Type Plate + PopRox
  • Jane + BlacKeys Extra Fine + PopRox
  • Abbie + AO BW + Jolly Rainbo 2X
  • LuciferVI + Rock BW + PopRox
  • Americana + C Type Plate + PopRox
  • Libatique 73 + Sugar + PopRox
  • Melodie + Robusto + Jolly Rainbo 2X + Juicy Orange Gel
  • John S + Robusta + Juicy Orange Gel
  • Jimmy + Ina's 1969 + PopRox

In general, I frequently use these apps:
For taking photo : Camera+
For adjustment : Snapseed
For textured look: ScratchCam, Mextures, Pic Grunger and Distressed FX

The Photographer
My name is Halil Yalçin  I was born in Milas, a lovely small Aegean town. I have added a wonderful marriage and a very beautiful girl into 50 years of my life. I am a mechanical engineer and I work as a Chief of the Plant Projects in an Automobile Factory in Turkey. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with digital photography using my iPhone 4S.

My passion for photography emerged when I was studying at University. My special field of interest is History of the Art of Photography. Especially I like working on the experimental studies of the 19th century photographic technique and I am in preparation for a book about it. 

My wife and my daughter surprised me by giving a great present for the celebration of my birthday last year. This was an IPhone 4S. After discovering the amazing works of the iPhone, my approach to the mobile artistry was totally changed. I have started to use Instagram for sharing my photos. It is my greatest passion now.

Apps Mentioned:

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