Nov 16, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Michael Manza

Photos for The Whole Story series are chosen from images tagged on Instagram with the hashtag #the_whole_story.  However, sometimes I see an image that is so interesting that I contact the photographer to find out more about it. That's exactly what happened with today's photograph by Michael Manza. Michael was happy to oblige. I was surprised to find out he works in the entertainment industry and has contributed to several of my favorite films! You never know who you're rubbing elbows with online!

The Photograph

Harlequin Girl by Michael Manza
Harlequin Girl by Michael Manza

The Whole Story by Michael Manza

My Saturday morning began with an invitation to join friends for the day and explore Fort Langley, BC. The plan right from the start was to take (or what we hoped for ) some great photos. It was a cool, overcast fall morning with a little bit of fog. The town village was bustling with crowds, both visitors and locals. Apparently, it is like this every weekend year-round. I can see why.

Already, by this time I had taken a bunch of pictures and then I noticed a little store called "Cranberries Naturally!" To give you a tiny bit of history, this area is well known for their cranberries and recently celebrated a cranberry festival. I'll have to remember that for next year.

Getting back to the story. I opened the store door and almost immediately upon entering... I noticed "her" on display, sitting in a bathtub. So beautiful, already posing as if she had been waiting for her photo shoot. Right at that instant, I was mesmerized with her and just had to take her picture. After receiving permission from the store owner to take her photo, first, I eagerly snapped photo after photo, hoping to get something I can eventually work with. I did end up buying some very delicious dried, candied cranberries and by doing so I ended up getting a few more minutes with her before I had to go.

I hope you are as captured by her beauty, like I was.

Apps used for this image was 6x7 for iPhone, Snapseed for detail, tuning and toning. For texturing, PhotoWizard, PhotoToaster, Mextures, ScratchCam and Picfx. Finally, Superimpose to add all the wonderful layers together.

The Photographer
My name is Michael Manza (AKA: Fixit_inPost). A Canadian, a Visual Effects Artist and an iPhoneographer. I like to think that my style is like an actor who doesn't get typecast. When working on a photo, my instincts and heart take over resulting in something different every time.

Originally, a graphic artist by trade but I have been doing art since I was a little kid. For the past 18 years, I have been in the entertainment industry working on feature films as a Lighting Technical Director. Some of these extraordinary films included are: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Fight Club, Shrek and many, many more.

My passion is photography and more recently mobile photography. I have been chosen featured Artist of The Day on 3 times in the past year. Also, I have had several photos published in popular mobile photography sites.

All work is 100% shot using an iPhone and edited on either my iPhone or iPad only!

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  1. Nice to hear the story behind this . They were indeed eyes catchers. The edit , composition character all making them instant faves

    1. You're welcome ❤ thanks so much for reading!

  2. Keep rubbing virtual elbows please Geri. I found some of Michael's strongly graphic work on Flickr. It was a good way to start my Sunday, thanks.

  3. I agree Peter. Michael's work is wonderful.


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