Nov 21, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by James Neame

James Neame is one of my favorite street photographers on Instagram, in fact he contributed to "Tips From Ten - Street Photography" earlier this year.  Keep reading to find out The Whole Story of "The Lady and the Tramp and the Baby".

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The Photograph

© James Neame
The Lady and the Tramp and the Baby © James Neame

The Whole Story by James Neame

For this photo I happened to notice the homeless guy standing in the rain watching the televisions in the shop window. I thought this was an interesting moment and showed the power of the moving image over us weak humans! So I lined up the shot and this lady appeared, looking unimpressed at this poor guy, which added a bit of social commentary to the image. During the editing process I noticed the baby, staring in at the televisions as well, which kind of brought this little scene full circle. A bit of good fortune goes a long way sometimes! 

As for editing, I try to keep it minimal these days; I want the photo to work because of the composition and subject, rather than how it's been post-processed. I generally don't wander outside of Snapseed - crop to square, tweak the brightness, contrast and saturation if required. Maybe lay a vignette in the corners and sometimes one of the vintage filters works to accentuate the image, but that's about it! 

The Photographer
© James Neame
James Neame - I've been interested in photography for about six years now, the usual attempts at landscapes, sunsets and some architectural compositions. It was only when I downloaded Instagram that I started to get into the whole street photography genre. This was a new and fascinating world to me, and once I'd started following the likes of Ian (@iangarrington), Dilshad (@italianbrother) and Patrick (@candidcameraman) I realized this was the style I wanted to pursue. Various books and other research duly followed!

Until recently I was playing around with the composition of basically two-dimensional pictures, with a lone figure properly placed to add to the overall effect (the well practiced "peoplewalkingpast....." tags started, as far as I know, with my #peoplewalkingpastdoors). These days I'm more interested in trying to capture a story-telling moment, although I think this is a very difficult thing to do. Hopefully practice will make it easier! I really admire those who can portray humour, sadness or really any distinct emotion in their photography; Bryan Stoke (@bstoke) and Elizabeth Huey (@elizabeth_huey) spring immediately to mind as newer discoveries for me.

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