Nov 27, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Dionisis Kosmatos

This week in the U.S. we are celebrating Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that tends to focus around food, family and football. Since family plays a HUGE part of this holiday, I think it's appropriate to feature this wonderful image by Dionisis Kosmatos and share The Whole Story behind it.

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The Photograph

© Dionisis Kosmatos
© Dionisis Kosmatos

The Whole Story by Dionisis Kosmatos

This is my mother in the kitchen of my family house. She suffers from Parkinson's disease and because of this, it is very difficult for her to move. The only thing she does everyday for the whole day is knitting. And she does it with persistence and patience as it's very difficult to make the fine moves that knitting needs. It hurts me when I look at her because she was a very strong and active woman, the person that could solve every problem in short time and effectively. And now she struggles to do things that we take for granted such as to speak or eat. When I look at her I am thinking what she thinks, what she feels, how much patience she has.....
All I know is that she is my hero because despite all these difficulties she struggles to do the only thing that maybe reminds her of the good old days.

The Photographer
Dionisis Kosmatos- I was born in Kefalonia in 1971, a small Greek island but now I live in Athens, where I work in a hospital. I study interior architecture and design by distance learning. I love cinema, reading, painting and of course photography, especially black and white.
As regards to my relationship with photography, I have always liked it. I still remember when my father gave me my first camera which he had found, and wanted to learn more. So around 2003, I took lessons in black and white photography for 8 months, of course I'm talking about analogue photography. The most important thing I learned wasn't the technical issues but the fact I was introduced to the masters of photography such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Arbus, Atget, Evans, Frank, Kertesz, Lange, Winogrand and so many others. After the end of lessons, I used to take pictures with a Pentax camera but the cost of development was too high and I stopped until I bought my iPhone4 two years ago. All photos are taken on iPhone and edited with Snapseed.

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