Oct 21, 2013

Painterly Mobile Artist Erika Brothers

Each artist in the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group has their own unique style. Today I'm featuring Erika Brothers and one of her favorite images. After reading more about Erika, I would heartily agree with her that she's indeed found her calling as an artist! 

Please visit the group to see more of Erika's work along with that of all of the artists. If you are a mobile photographer who enjoys editing in a painterly style, we'd love to have you join us!

The Work

Sunflower © Erika Brothers
Sunflower © Erika Brothers
The Artist 
Erika Brothers
Originally from Monterrey, Mexico where our culture is rich in a variety of different genres and parents whose passion involved weekend painting using different methods and visions of blending colors and techniques. Inspired as a child, I pursued my own discovery of projecting my thoughts and images. I started through basic art, career in communications, painting amateur for 10 years, exploring even cloth and printing image designs until I found what I believe is my true calling with App advancement in SmartPhone technology.

Mother of 3 and moving a few times due to my husband's work, I was able expand my optic vision and projection of pictures stories from the different locations we lived. Once hooked, I started investigating the different options on how to transform the pics to reflect my mental thoughts to each art piece, and set myself to no particular form or function - just what comes to me or how I feel as I create each piece. I would like to recognize The iPhonist Group who helped me understand and locate the different apps available, and guided me to the great sites for showcasing my artwork, and enjoy excellent artwork from my fellow artists.  

Erika's Commentary
The story behind this particular piece is based on the innocent curiosity of a child exploring in a field of opportunities. The initial photo was taken with ProCamera, next step I used Superimpose to position the image correctly to reflect and orient the main image. I followed by using Snapseed to augment the lighting and colors to provide a series of contrasts. As a final step I used Picfix with finishes in Grunge and Scratches to do the final touches for a vintage appearance to reflect a soft fantasy projected image and bring it all together.

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