Oct 4, 2013

Open Call for the Mobile Photography Awards

I attended the LAMAF exhibit last year and it changed the course of my life, literally.  Until I toured the exhibit, I didn't realize the potential of the instrument I carried with me everywhere...my iPhone.

Now it's your chance (and mine too!) to enter your best work for this year's Mobile Photography Awards. Click on the image below to visit the MPA website.

Here are the photo categories:

Black and White
Digital Fine Art
Macro/Details by Olloclip
Performing Arts
Photo Journalism
Travel by Trover
Still Life
Street Photography
Visual FX
Photo Essay by Diptic

Each of your images may be placed in up to three (3) categories.  In case you're wondering what the cost is to enter:

3 Photo Entries for $20
5 Photo Entries for $30
9 Photo Entries for $50
20 Photo Entries for $100
Photo Essay $35

The jury for the 3rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards includes:
Ed Kashi
Christopher Wahl
Misho Baranovic
Bob Weil
Nicki FitzGerald
Marty Yawnick
Dutch Doscher
Melissa Vincent
Sarah Jarrett
Lee Towndrow
Star Rush
Richard Bangs
Laura Hubbard
Dan Marcolina
Stephanie Calabrese
Nathanial Park
Nettie Edwards
Andy Royston
Joanne Carter
Robert-Paul Jansen
Jen Pollack Bianco

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