Sep 6, 2013

Short Listed for the IPA Quarterly

In August of 2012 I attended the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival. At that time I had probably taken less than 100 images with my iPhone and didn't know the difference between Snapseed and Filterstorm. With just a little more than a year of experience and a passion that has totally consumed me, I entered the IPA Quarterly for a chance to be shortlisted and possibly even exhibited at the event in October.

Today I received the good news that my photo, The Recital was on the shortlist. There were more than 2400 entries and 54 were selected, so this is a really big deal for me. There's nothing more rewarding than striving to do well at something and actually coming close to accomplishing it.

The Recital © Geri Centonze
The Recital by Geri Centonze

Congrats to all the artists whose images were chosen:

Anne-Martine Parent
David Booker
Nick Hoffer
Catherine Restivo
Cecily Mariece Caceu
Cédric Blanchon
Sacha Dohmen
David Ingraham
Damian De Souza
Glenn Homann
Brett Chenoweth
Igor Belan Boban
Jennifer A Thomas
Nico Brons
Jack Kickinger
John Bonanno
Leon Williams
Michael Sheehan
Maddy McCoy
Manuela Matos Monteiro
Melissa Camille Silva
Michelle Robinson
Pio Hesi Glowacki
Dee Miller
Veronica Moloney
Stefanie Le Pape
Sarah Jarrett
Lola Mitchell
Suzana Dordea
Tommy Vohs
Federica Corbelli
Alexey Ovsyannikov

The images to be exhibited in October at the Hangar Gallery South in Santa Monica will be announced on September 7th.

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