Sep 2, 2013

Painterly Mobile Artist - Patricia Larson

Patty Larson's wonderfully whimsical self-portraits are a cheerful addition to the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group. As part of this ongoing series, I asked Patty to select one of her favorite images and tell us a little more about it. Please visit the group to see more of her work along with that of all of the artists. If you are a mobile photographer, we'd love to have you join.

The Work
Que hacen! © Patricia Larson
Que hacen! © Patricia Larson

The Artist 
My name is Patricia Larson.  I am Mexican and live in Monterrey and have two children. Photography has marked a big change in my life and I discovered that I can create fantastic things, telling a little of my daily life and also showing a little of what is in all of us - our feelings.

Patty's Commentary
Elasticam was used to transform the neck and hair of the photograph.  Superimpose allowed me to join two or images. In this particular case I added the dragonflies in the lake, the body, the boat and the rope.  With Sketch Club I added a little more color to the lake and painted the face of the self-portrait.  I used iColorama to adjust the body tones and add the text.  With Mextures and Pic Grunger, I gave the final touches to make it look more retro and lighten it up a bit.

Find Patty: Flickr / iphoneart / Instagram / EyeEm

Links to apps mentioned:

Sketch Club
Pic Grunger

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