Sep 9, 2013

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 12

Here is the latest installment of highlights from the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group.  I would like to thank each of the 161 members for their contributions.  Please visit the group pool to see more amazing work and if you're inclined to edit in a painterly fashion, we would love to see your work!

To view more from the featured artists, click on an image.

© Davide Capponi
Playing on the beach 2 by Davide Capponi 

© Wayman Stairs
Speak No Evil by Wayman Stairs

© Patty Larson
Paso sin ver! by Patty Larson

© Skip Brown
Vase by Skip Brown

© thistledownup
Roses by thistledownup

© Lorna Hamblin
Charming Jack by Lorna Hamblin

© Sally Allerton
The Birds by Sally Allerton

Metamorphosing by SLP

© Dr Jazz
Eye of the storm by Dr Jazz

© Gianluca Ricoveri
Untitled by Gianluca Ricoveri

© Armineh29
If there were a little more silence, if we all kept quiet...maybe we could understand something ~ Federico Fellini
Image by Armineh29

© Pu the Owl
Interval by Pu the Owl

© Erika Brothers
In my mind by Erika Brothers

© Jun Yamaguchi
north by jun yamaguchi

© Michal Koralewski
Self-portrait with a mug by Michal Koralewski

© Mike Bowers
Bourges Cathedral by Mike Bowers

© Sarag Jarrett
Life in technicolor by Sarah Jarrett

© Roxi
Sunflower by Roxi

© Petyr Campos
Acid Bath by Petyr Campos

© Clint Cline
The Visitor from Three Hollows by Clint Cline

© Roland Boesiger
lost in thoughts by Roland Boesiger

© Michelle Robinson
Musician by Michelle Robinson

© Brent Mosley
Long walks on short piers by Brent Mosley

© Roger Guetta
The Ninth Seal by Roger Guetta

© Craig Satterlee
Cuban Life - Two Old Men by Craig Satterlee

© Michal Koralewski
Nightmare by Michal Koralewski

© Mariko
into the unknown by Mariko 

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