Sep 17, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside - The Whole Story by Vincenzo Di Carmine

Photos tell a story, but sometimes we don't know everything just by looking, which is why I started this blog feature.  It's all about those photos that beg the question, "What is going on here?" Keep reading to get The Whole Story about this image by Vincenzo Di Carmine.

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The Photograph

Chilled to the Bone, Naples © Vincenzo Di Carmine
Chilled to the Bone, Naples © Vincenzo Di Carmine

The Whole Story

That day the weather changed from sunny to rainy and temperatures dropped in a very short time. This little girl sheltered against the Naples Royal Palace wall when the shower started. I noted also that she had a kind of dispute with a group of young friends that were waiting for the rain to calm down a few meters far from her. It seems she was feeling both cold and lonely.

The photo was taken with an iPhone 4 using OGGL (the new Hipstamatic app and photo sharing software). I like a lot their black and white vintage looking films. On this shot I choose the BlacKeys BW film and Tinto 1884 lenses to emphasize the sad and delicate face of the girl.

The Photographer

Vincenzo Di Carmine
My name is Vincenzo Di Carmine. I was born in Le Mans, a lovely small French town, 45 years ago and I’m now living in Naples, Italy, for more than twenty years. I have been capturing and sharing the poetic touch that I see in the common people and familiar places around me with an iPhone since November 2012. I also started to use a plain vanilla camera one month ago.

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