Aug 2, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Paul Rose

The Whole Story
Today's image in the ongoing series The Whole Story caught my eye right away.  Upon closer inspection the figure reflected in the glasses made it even more interesting.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photograph

© Paul Rose

The Whole Story

I work in the centre of town and do most of my street photography during my 30 minute lunch break. The subject for ‘D Is For Diamonds’ is the grandmother of a friend I work with. He often meets up with her for lunch and I had spoken briefly to her on a couple of occasions and just knew I had to capture her portrait one day soon. This day was my chance and I managed to snap this image whilst she was waiting for her grandson whose reflection you can see in her sun glasses.

The image was taken on an iPhone 4S (I’m now using an iPhone 5) with the camera replacement app called 645 PRO. This app allows images to be saved in uncompressed TIFF files which I prefer to do where possible. I processed the image on my iPad 3 using Snapseed, cropping the image to a square format before adjusting brightness, ambiance and contrast. The image was then converted to B&W before finally adding a touch of sharpening and structure.

The Photographer 

My name is Paul Rose and I live in Middlesbrough, a town situated on the north east coast of England, UK.  Photography is a hobby but my day job is working as an Environmental Health Technical Officer… pays the bills!

I have been interested in photography ever since I was a small boy, probably influenced by my late uncle Jack who, I remember, always seemed to have a camera with him whenever I saw him and would take photos of me and my family at every opportunity.  I also dabbled in 35mm B&W photography whilst attending secondary school and, at the same time, learnt the art of developing B&W film.  That magical moment when the image first started to appear from within the developer tray is still something that I remember even to this day.  It really was magic.

I absolutely love landscape photography but a few months after purchasing my first iPhone, the iPhone 4S back in November 2011, I started taking an interest in candid street photography.  I find the iPhone offers more chance of getting that candid shot than a DSLR!

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