Aug 5, 2013

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 10

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Jun Yamaguchi
February by Jun Yamaguchi
Em Kachouro
Twins by Em Kachouro

Christianna Pierce
Lean in by Christianna Pierce
Petyr Campos
CW No.2 - The Music Inside Me by Petyr Campos
John Mallon
Checking the rod by John Mallon
Still Life With Candelabra by Jasonology
Andrew Lucchesi
Liz by Andrew Lucchesi
Garry Ryon
Old Cars 004 by Garry Ryon
Wayne Greer
Sim Park by Wayne Greer
Pirmin Follmi
Good Morning by Pirmin Follmi
Gianluca Ricoveri
Untitled by Gianluca Ricoveri
Mike Bowers
Latin Quarter, Paris by Mike Bowers
Aldo Pacheco
Camilo the bass player by Aldo Pacheco
Jeri Hurd
Untitled by Jeri Hurd
Coneflower by Roxi
Roland Boesiger
Toscana dieci by Roland Boesiger
Patty Larson
Mi Rey de Espadas by Patty Larson
Michelle Robinson
The Goodbye is an Everlasting Memory by Michelle Robinson
Brent Mosley
The King by Brent Mosley
Jane Fiala
Untitled by Jane Fiala
Federica Corbelli
Ere by Federica Corbelli
Brett Chenoweth
The Beat Goes On by Brett Chenoweth
Davide Capponi
The Waiting - 18 by Davide Capponi
Luci Zoe
Hudson Valley Barn by Luci Zoe
Michael Manza
Children's Crusade by Michael Manza
Skip Brown
Encore by Skip Brown
Vivi Hanson
At the Gallery 3 by Vivi Hanson
Sarah Jarrett
Walking along the Hedgerows by Sarah Jarrett 
iVana J.B.
Cornfield Poppies by iVana J.B. 
Anne Highfield
The First Lotus by Anne Highfield
Andrea Koerner
Emotional Memories of Sentiment by Andrea Koerner
Paul Cutright
The Old House by Paul Cutright
Karen Messick
Untitled by Karen L. Messick
Clint Cline
Sailor's Delight by Clint Cline
Wayman Stairs
Looking Out of My Mind by Wayman Stairs

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