Aug 31, 2013

National Geographic Photographer Shooting with the Nokia Lumia 1020

Are there any Nokia Lumia users out there that would like to comment on their results with the 41 MP PureView camera sensor?  After watching this video presentation, it's pretty tempting.  The new iPhone is about to be released and my plans are to get one, but after watching this I'm going to give it some consideration.

Aug 27, 2013

Featured Mobile Photographer - Nico Brons

Nico Brons
Chances are if you are reading this interview, it is because you are an iPhoneography buff. Whether you are just beginning, or an advanced artist, this form of expression has captured your attention. One of the people who ignited that interest for me is Nico Brons. It is therefore a huge honor for me to present this feature which explores his work and process.

Help Me Feel Alright © Nico Brons
Help Me Feel Alright © Nico Brons

Aug 26, 2013

Painterly Mobile Artist - Wayne Greer

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Wayne Greer.  When I contacted Wayne for this feature, he humbly said he is just a beginner and felt he had a lot more to learn than to share.  Well, if this is what Wayne has created when he's just starting out, I can't wait to see how his work evolves!

The Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group is now at 156 members and growing each week.  Everyone who visits has commented on the high caliber of work being submitted through this group.  I hope you'll take time to explore Wayne's work as well as the other members - I'm certain you'll be inspired!

The Work
Sunflowers © Wayne Greer
Sunflowers © Wayne Greer

Aug 23, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Geri Centonze and a Challenge!

The beauty of having your own blog, is that every once in a while you can get away with featuring yourself! Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here


The Photograph

Aug 22, 2013

Oggl Update Allows Importing From Camera Roll

I've said it before - I've never been much of a Hipstamatic fan.  I love the results other people get, but I don't have the patience to switch lenses and films to get the look I want.  I also enjoy the process of editing my images after I've captured them.  There was a lot of buzz when Oggl debuted, and although I downloaded it, I never explored the app until the most recent update.  The ability to import images directly from my Camera Roll got me interested, and after experimenting for just a few minutes, I can see that it may be added to my primary app arsenal!

Oggl also allows you to import all of the purchases you made through the Hipstamatic app, so you can use all of the lens and film combinations you already own to vary the results on your photo.

I used a portrait from morgueFile to experiment on because I didn't have anything interesting in my Camera Roll.  Below are just some of the results.  Click image to enlarge and view combinations used.

Original image by BBoomerinDenial on morguFile

To import your photos, open the Oggl app and on the lower left corner, tap on the square frame.  Next tap on the + sign in the top right corner.  Your Camera Roll will pop up and you can select as many images as you like and then tap "Import Photos".  It's that simple!

So what do you think?  Are you a Hiptsta fan or not?

Aug 21, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Caroline MacMoran

We all have special people and special memories attached to those people. Caroline MacMoran tells The Whole Story behind this lovely image. Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here.   

The Photograph

© Caroline MacMoran

Aug 20, 2013

FREE Preview Issue of iPhotographer Magazine

It was the big news of the weekend in the world of mobile photography, the preview issue of iPhotographer Magazine (for iPad) hit the Apple Newstand and it's FREE! This abbreviated issue, about one-third the size of a full issue, is packed with interviews, videos, tutorials, tips and more. The slick interface as well as the interactive features make it not only informative but fun to read.

Aug 19, 2013

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 11

All of the styles are so different and all so wonderful!  Here are more featured images from the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group.  Thanks to all the artists who participate each week.

To view more works by the artist, click on the image to visit their Flickr page.

© Wayne Greer
Red Fishing House by Wayne Greer

Aug 17, 2013

Do You Have a Vizify Bio?

I just created a Vizify Bio which includes a cool video to sum up my Twitter activity.  I wish there was a way to embed the video, but you can check it out here and create one of your own!

Have you created one yet?  If so, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out.

The bio includes several pages including a home page (below)

Aug 16, 2013

Repix App Tutorial and Review by Epic Tutorials

No need to reinvent the wheel.  This is an excellent tutorial for the Repix app.  It explains in detail how to use each of the features. This tutorial was created before the update on July 2, 2013 which includes the addition of new live brushes, new frames and an update of the Master Collection which now includes all the brushes, filters, frames and future updates.

Below is another tutorial showing a more painterly editing style with the Sensu Brush.  I haven't ordered a Sensu Brush yet.  Do you have one?  If so, how do you like it?

The Whole Story - Photo by Thomas B. Eckhoff

After reading The Whole Story behind this image, I understand why I was drawn to it.  Thomas portrays beautifully the idea of the journey ahead.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured?  Get more information here.   

The Photograph

Solitude © Thomas B. Eckhoff

Aug 14, 2013

Wally Case - Minimal Wallet with iPhone Protection

I like supporting Kickstarter projects and this one looks like something that is practical and functional. It's called the Wally Case - it's a wallet and protective case for your iPhone. This seems like the perfect solution to carry my iPhone, a few bucks, driver's license and credit card.  I just love smart people.

Painterly Mobile Artist - Jun Yamaguchi

Back in May I started a Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group.  I never imagined the caliber of work that would be submitted on a daily basis. These artists deserve recognition beyond what little I can give them here, but in an attempt to highlight their work I will be featuring two artists each month.  I will ask them to select one of their favorite images and provide a bit of information about it as well as themselves.  

Without further ado, I present the first highlighted artist Jun Yamaguchi. My Japanese is non-existent and Jun's native language is not English, so although our exchange of words was brief, his work carries a very strong message. 

The Work

© Jun Yamaguchi
The Artist - Jun Yamaguchi
I was born in Japan and still live there. I had not painted for a long time since my childhood, but a few years ago, I got the desire suddenly to begin again.  I learned to paint using an iPod Touch and joined Flickr in 2010.

Jun's Commentary
"My style is painting over a photo. First, I take a picture with my iPod Touch, import the photo into the Brushes app (painting app) and paint over it. I then import the painted picture into Photoforge 2 (no longer available to purchase in The App Store) and adjust the tone. Lastly, I add some noise and texture to the piece with ScratchCam FX app, DXP app, and PhotoToaster." 

Find Jun:  Flickr / Interview / Interview 2 / Book Cover Artwork / Website 

Aug 12, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Craig J. Satterlee

Craig Satterlee created the perfect memento of a fabulous moment in his daughter's life. Read The Whole Story to find out more.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photograph

© Craig J. Satterlee

Aug 9, 2013

Watch This PBS Video on The Art of Portrait Photography

Although not mobile photography specific, this PBS video gives insight into the art of portrait photography.  It reminded me of just how powerful a portrait can be in documenting a person's life and the importance of the storytelling aspect.

Relevant Links

Matt Hoyle Pictures
Bex Finch - Sleepwalker
Jamie Diamond - Constructed Family Portraits
Ethan Levitas - Projects 

Aug 7, 2013

iPhone Photography School

If you haven't already discovered the iPhone Photography School blog, you have a nice surprise in store when you visit.  

In addition to interviews (I am pleased to be featured there today! - click here to read), you'll find Photo Tips to help you take great photos, Photo Editing with tips on improving your captures and Weekly Themed Photo Contests!  

When you sign up for email updates, you'll even receive a FREE iPhone Photo Editing Video Course - so what are you waiting for?  Hop on over and have a look!

Click on photo below to read the full interview.

Interview with Geri Centonze

Aug 6, 2013

iPhoneLife - Create Your Own Photo Filter Library Using Hipstamatic

Please check out this recent post I wrote for iPhoneLife and find out how to create your own digital filter library using Hipstamatic!  Click on the image below to read the full article.

The Whole Story - Photo by Andrea Koerner

Such a powerful piece!  I'm pleased to feature The Whole Story behind this image created by Andrea Koerner.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photograph

She Never Knew She Was Beautiful

Aug 5, 2013

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 10

Please join the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group to inspire, be inspired and have a chance to be featured.

To visit more of an artist's work, please click on the image.

Jun Yamaguchi
February by Jun Yamaguchi

Aug 4, 2013

Starting With iPhonography- FREE Course at Lunchbox!

Want a quick FREE course in iPhonography (there are two spellings of this word and I have no idea which one is correct!)  Check out "Starting With iPhonography" over at the Lunchbox website (a site featuring "bite-sized photography lessons).  You'll have to register to view, but that's FREE too!

Aug 2, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Paul Rose

The Whole Story
Today's image in the ongoing series The Whole Story caught my eye right away.  Upon closer inspection the figure reflected in the glasses made it even more interesting.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photograph

© Paul Rose

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