Jul 5, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Tom Denning

What is happening in this featured photo?  Continue reading Tom Denning's description for The Whole Story.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photo

© Tom Denning

The Whole Story

Increasingly I see many people glued to their mobile devices.  In all my work, I try to explore beyond the immediate environment, it's the spaces round the edges that inspire me.  My image 'cleaning the top of the world', is all about what we don't see.  What can this person see, what is it like to spend your life cleaning the top of a building no one sees?  It is my hope that we all take time to look up a bit more and see the stories that are all around us.  Don't blame me if you get infected with the incurable lookyup disease!

The Photographer

Tom Denning
Photographers enjoy the unique position of being able to explore and reveal a world that not everyone sees. My current project 'Crossing London' aims to highlight the continual importance of the river crossing in setting and establishing modern forms of communication, transport and ultimately power. The body of work will document all 27 London crossings of the River Thames but as we rarely experience them - at dawn.

I also explore social mobile photography through a project known as 'Hidden Self Portraits of a Nation'. Every day we take and abandon self-portraits recorded on demo mobile phone handsets in retail stores - this project attempts to understand some of the behaviour behind this and in time build a candid self portrait of Britain.  If you'd like to view this project you can see the images on Instagram and EyeEm.  

Find Tom:  Portfolio / EyeEm / Instagram / Twitter

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