Jul 23, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Mansi Bhatia

Striking is the word that comes to mind when I see this self-portrait of the uber-talented Mansi Bhatia. Read on for The Whole Story behind this image.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured? Get more information here

The Photograph

© Mansi Bhatia

The Whole Story 

I am not curvy 
or lady-like
in physical appearance
or mannerisms.

I am ambitious
and have a strong
sense of self-worth.

I snore
I hate shopping
I don't like socializing.

I hate doing the
and the dishes
and am no
fan of keeping
things organized

I like hanging out
with the guys
And can argue 
Until the moon
goes to bed.

I am judgmental
and opinionated 
and you've heard 
me fart.

I am obsessed
with planning
and usually have 
a Plan C and D
ready in case
A and B fail.

I prefer my space
and want you 
to have yours.

I nag at times
and complain
that you give away
"my" unused things
to those who
need 'em.

I am selfish
and clingy
sometimes both at 
the same time.

I don' like
sharing you 
with anyone...
not even your mom.

I am not patient
or wise 
and I'm a 
sore loser.

I keep grudges
and it's hard for
me to let go
even when I know
I should.

I am strongly opinionated
and will not
take advantage of
the perks that come
with "being a woman."

I am self-critical
and confused
about where I want to be
and what I want to do.

I lie at times
when I think it's 
the reasonable thing to do
but also sometimes
because it's easier.

I dig my nose
and my ears
and will not wax
my armpits until
I absolutely have to.

I make excuses
for little things
when I don't need to
but still have the
urge to.

I recognize
all my "flaws"
and know that
perfection is but
a myth
a mirage
a non-attainable 

It doesn't mean 
I don't try to
become a
better person,
more tolerant
less critical
more accepting
less disparaging.

It doesn't mean
I don't strive
to improve 
upon my shortcomings

All it means 
is recognizing
that perfection
isn't a standard
by which to judge 
ourselves or fellow
human beings.

I am not perfect.

But my imperfections
make me the
unique person
I am.

They make me
the real me
not the person
I want to be
or pretend to be
but the person I am.

I am me.

Self-portrait shot with Hipstamatic and edited in Procreate, Filterstorm, Scratchcam, Image Blender and FlowPaper.

The Photographer 

Mansi Bhatia
Mansi Bhatia - As a child I spent hours transforming photographs into watercolor paintings, losing myself in another world. As a teenager struggling to find my identity, I found my voice through art. But somewhere in adulthood, my artistic leaning was lost. I craved time for painting. I yearned to unpack my brushes. I willed myself to recreate that lost world where I could just be. But life became too fast-paced, too short, and too technology dependent for that.

Surprisingly, these very things converged to introduce art back into my life. Creating photography-based art on the iPhone has allowed me to explore something new: the freedom to make art anywhere, at any moment, without the need for extra space, materials or planning.

iPhoneography introduced pause in my life and I hope that, through my work, you may find a new appreciation for the convergence of technology and art. 

Find Mansi:  Facebook / Twitter / iPhoneArt / Instagram / EyeEm  

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