Jul 11, 2013

Double the Resolution of your iPhone Photos with ClearCam App!

Watch iPhone artist Dan Burkholder as he explains the ClearCam app and learn how you can take an 18MP image with your iPhone!  Then check out my results as I test the ClearCam app.

I took Dan's advice and ran my own test.

Here are images taken using the Quick (top) and Enhanced (bottom) modes.  They look similar from this view.  (Artwork by The Secret Hermit Micki Wilde)

Quick Mode

Enhanced Mode

I loaded the photos into my PhotoSize app and there is indeed a difference.

Quick Mode 7.9 MP

When blown up 503% however you can see that there really is an improvement on the resolution.

Quick Mode image blown up (below)

Quick Mode Enlarged 503%

The enhanced version blown up shows less pixelation.  

Enhanced Mode Enlarged 503%

ClearCam is available in the App Store for $0.99

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