Jun 2, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Trine Nilsen

When I spotted this image on EyeEm, I was certain that the man in the photo must be a relative of the photographer.  How interesting to learn The Whole Story!

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The Photograph

©Trine Lise Nilsen

The Whole Story
When it comes to the photo of The Outside Spine, this is something we discovered by accident. My friend and I were out for lunch one day when we met this lovely young man with his ears pierced and extended.  We asked if it was okay to take his photo and he was so proud of that. Then his boss came over and told us about the tattoo on his back.  Since both me and my friend are nurses AND photographers we asked if he would mind taking his shirt off and pose for us – and he did. This young man with tattoos and piercings was a really nice, humble and reflective young man.  His spine tattoo was made by a Spanish tattoo artist while this artist lived in Norway.  Now he would like to expand his tattoo, so he is thinking of going to Spain to find the tattoo artist.

The picture was shot with my iPhone 5 and edited on my iPad with Snapseed, PhotoForge2, iCameraHDR and Pixlr-o-matic.


The Photographer

Trine Lise Nilsen
My name is Trine Lise Nilsen and I was born and raised in Norway.  I was born in 1971.   I started with mobile photography when I got my first Nokia with a camera.  When I got my iPhone 3 in 2009, things escalated a bit.  I loved the upgrade to iPhone 4 (2010) and all the Photography Apps that followed – that's when my iPhoneography and editing really took off.  This year I purchased an iPhone 5 and also upgraded my iPad to 128 GB!  I consider myself lucky.  I spend way too much time editing my treasures from walking around with my dearest friend, my iPhone.

My dream is to work with photography and editing, full time, but until that becomes possible, I continue my day jobs as a head of nurse and assistant professor at our local University College. I think being a registered nurse, a teacher and a leader makes me a great photographer.  I love details, I am very observant and I love people.  So to be able to relax and reload I tend to get into my own world for a while – editing.  In my profile picture I am wearing a mask with a question mark because it makes me aware of the creativity that exists inside my brain.  My last photography project was a feelings based project which is still unpublished.  Right now I am working on two parallel projects.

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