Jun 12, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Alix Carmichele

Just a pretty face?  There is so much more to this beautiful portrait by Alix Carmichele – read The Whole Story below. If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

©Alix Carmichele

The Whole Story

I met a young girl ten years ago who had Ewing’s disease, she commissioned me to collaborate on a calendar to raise funds for Cancer awareness. We lost contact after the project was finished, but recently reconnected when she came to South Africa from England for a visit. Her life’s journey and struggle to beat the Cancer led her on a path to Buddhism and she has become an ordained Buddhist nun. Her Cancer is in remission.

I shot this portrait of her using Instamatic’s C- type plate film and Jane lens, the seaside setting and her robes lent themselves to the glass plate effect.

The Photographer

Alix Carmichele – I changed South African legal history after winning a landmark “duty of care” case against the State for not protecting me from a violent criminal who had been let out on bail.  It took up 15 creative years of my life and now I’m catching up!   

My twenty five years of photographic experience is entrenched in the disciplines of lighting, format, composition and film which I now apply to the digital age.  I love the many freedoms that this new technology allows for the enhancement of an image, however, I always try to stay true to the original and hardly ever over edit my work.

I am a freelance photojournalist and I live on a farm in the Goukamma River valley just outside of Knysna in the Western Cape, South Africa. My love of all things natural and a burning desire to protect life has led me on an introspective photographic journey of self discovery...

Geri's Note:  Alix doesn't know it, but she's one of my heroes – to read the story of how she changed South African legal history, visit the I am Woman series website.

Find Alix :  Instagram / EyeEm / Flickr / Backspaces

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