Jun 28, 2013

The Whole Story - Photo by Jeremy Willingham

Recently I had to think about discontinuing my blog due to business and family commitments, but after some encouragement from my readers, I decided to keep going while cutting back a bit on the frequency of the posts.

Here with another installment of The Whole Story is a photo by Jeremy Willingham.  What lies beneath? Keep reading to find out!  If you'd like to submit your own photo to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

The Whole Story

This photo was taken as a memorial to document the passing of my right hand man, my iPhone4. As a predominantly nature photographer who works on or near the beach, I am drawn to places like this. The ocean was not as rough as seen in this photo the day of his demise, so I figured I'd try to capture a few splash shots. After a few shots that weren't satisfying enough for me, I decided to venture out a little further on to the rocks. They looked dry to the eye but I soon learned the age old lesson that looks can be deceiving. As I stepped across the gap between the rocks, my left foot went out in front of me like a cartoon character stepping on a banana peel. In my attempt to break my fall I let go of my phone and watched it go flying and smash onto the rocks, which sent it hurdling in the air again before landing in the bottom of the rocks as another wave came and swept it away. I yelled at myself as there was nothing I could do to save my friend and I will carry the guilt with me for letting him go. The only solace I find in this is that he died doing what we loved to do together. Capturing the beauty of the world around us. Rest in peace my friend.

The Photographer
Jeremy Willingham - I live on the south shore of the eastern end of Long Island, NY with three awesome kids and the love of my life. Being just minutes away from the Atlantic ocean and my job as a land surveyor I spend a great deal of time at the beach. As can be seen through my Instagram account. 

My passion for photography started when I became involved with Instagram. After discovering what amazing work was being created with the same iPhone I was holding in my hand everything changed. It got me to truly open my eyes to the beautiful world around me instead of taking it all for granted. I'll be forever grateful to Instagram for bringing this new found passion into my life.

Find Jeremy:   500px / iPhoneArt / Facebook / ViewBug / Tadaa / Streamzoo

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