Jun 30, 2013

Photo of the Day Feature at Moderniphoneographer.com

It's always nice to be recognized for our work.  Back in March I submitted a photo to moderniphoneographer.com and was really pleased when I was notified that it would be featured today on their site as iPhotograph of the Day.

If you'd like to submit your own photo you can click here.

Jun 29, 2013

Pixelapprs.com Feature

There are a lot of venues for viewing mobile photography but Pixelapprs.com features a beautifully curated gallery of images rather than allowing uploads. I am honored to have my Portrait of a Man selected.  To submit your image for consideration you can click here.

Jun 28, 2013

You Are Invited to the Story of the Creative Exhibit Opening Night

A few weeks ago I purchased a premium membership at see.me. Last week I got notice that three of my photographic artworks will be part of a digital display at The Story of the Creative exhibit in New York City. This is an open invitation to anyone in the NY area. The exhibit will run through September 10th, so if you're in the area, please stop by and have a look!

The Whole Story - Photo by Jeremy Willingham

Recently I had to think about discontinuing my blog due to business and family commitments, but after some encouragement from my readers, I decided to keep going while cutting back a bit on the frequency of the posts.

Here with another installment of The Whole Story is a photo by Jeremy Willingham.  What lies beneath? Keep reading to find out!  If you'd like to submit your own photo to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

Jun 24, 2013

Federica Corbelli Interview at WeAreJuxt.com

Please check out an interview I did for wearejuxt.com with the fabulous Federica Corbelli!  Click on the image below to read.

Peripheral Visions Of @lubaluft
"I am inspired by subtle things that my peripheral vision intercepts, sometimes I see places or objects and feel like they are trying to tell me something about them, and I am the only one that can talk on their behalf." - Federica Corbelli

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 7

This feature will now appear only every other week so it’s much harder to select only a few images!  Please have a look at the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group to see all of the wonderful entries and if you love editing in a painterly way with your mobile photographs, please join us!

Roger Guetta
The Grifter by Roger Guetta (above)

Jun 22, 2013

Eitan Shavit–Capturing Everyday Life in Israel

Eitan ShavitEitan Shavit captures everyday life in subtle muted tones.  Each image looks as though it were resurrected from an old photo album rather than snapped in the 21st century.  Below is my interview with this talented mobile photographer.

© Eitan Shavit
Pain (above)

Geri:  What is your name and where do you live? 
Eitan:  I’m Eitan Shavit, from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Jun 21, 2013

Create an HDR Effect Using One Image

I have been promising a tutorial on achieving an HDR effect using only one image – here it is!  For normal HDR processing, you need to capture an underexposed and overexposed photo of the same subject preferably using a tripod or other stabilizing device and then combine them using an HDR app or software on your computer.
The method shown here, although it involves a few steps, requires only one photo.
I started out with the great photo on the left of a a vintage truck by morgueFile photographer Mary Vogt.  If you haven’t visited morgueFile there are 1000’s of photos with terms listed on how they can be used.  The image on the right (below) is the “after” photograph.
Before and After

Jun 20, 2013

Catching up with the Mobile Photography and Storytelling Show

Want to hear some of the latest news regarding mobile photography, storytelling, techniques, etc?  Be sure to tune in weekly to the Mobile Photography and Storytelling Show hosted by Mal Sherlock (@fashion on Instagram).

Here’s the latest episode.

To view previous thirteen episodes click here.

Jun 17, 2013

The iPhone Photography Award Winners Announced 2013

Did you or your favorite iPhone photographer make the cut?


Check the list of winners here.

Jun 16, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Armineh Hovanesian

Between a rock and a hard place?  Read The Whole Story to find out more about this intriguing photo. If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here. 

The Photograph

 ©Armineh Hovanesian

The Whole Story

Levitated Mass by artist Michael Heizer is composed of a 456-foot-long slot constructed on LACMA's campus, over which is placed a 340-ton granite megalith. The slot gradually descends to fifteen feet in depth, running underneath the boulder. As with other works by the artist, such as Double Negative (1969), the monumental negative form is key to the experience of the artwork. Taken whole, Levitated Mass speaks to the expanse of art history, from ancient traditions of creating artworks from megalithic stone, to modern forms of abstract geometries and cutting-edge feats of engineering. (text from LACMA.org)

I was in awe of the massiveness of this installation ever since I read about it. Finally I had the pleasure of seeing this magnificent piece in person. Seeing and experiencing the "presence" up close was exhilarating. I felt so small!  Like a speck of sand!  Nature IS the ruler of the Universe.  I took several shots (with my iPhone4) until I was able to capture the very exact moment seen in the photo.. I chose to edit the picture using Laminar (one of my preferred apps) and chose the Palladium filter for the final touch.  My aim was to convey the grandeur of nature and how small human creatures really are in comparison.

Jun 15, 2013

The Painterly World of Vivi Hanson

Vivi Hanson
The best part about mobile photography is community.  I’ve “met” some of the nicest people through this art form and one of the nicest by far is Vivi “Veevs” Hanson.  Her painterly photographs are an inspiration – I’m so pleased to be able to share her work here.

The Colourful Neal's Yard © Veevs
The Colourful Neal’s Yard

Jun 12, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Alix Carmichele

Just a pretty face?  There is so much more to this beautiful portrait by Alix Carmichele – read The Whole Story below. If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

©Alix Carmichele

The Whole Story

I met a young girl ten years ago who had Ewing’s disease, she commissioned me to collaborate on a calendar to raise funds for Cancer awareness. We lost contact after the project was finished, but recently reconnected when she came to South Africa from England for a visit. Her life’s journey and struggle to beat the Cancer led her on a path to Buddhism and she has become an ordained Buddhist nun. Her Cancer is in remission.

I shot this portrait of her using Instamatic’s C- type plate film and Jane lens, the seaside setting and her robes lent themselves to the glass plate effect.

Jun 10, 2013

Painterly Mobile Art Monday–No.6

We’re up to nearly 100 members in the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr group in just a few weeks.  Thank you so much to everyone who has joined – you beautify our world!

Michelle Robinson
Enzyme Peel by Michelle Robinson (above)

Jun 9, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Christy…Urban Muser

The Whole Story[4]I have been an admirer of Christy's work for quite some time.  This image particularly captivated me – I'm honored to include it in The Whole Story series. If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

© Urban Muser

The Whole Story

I've committed to taking 52 self portraits this year--all shot and edited with my iPhone. This image is one from that series, and it's entitled "journey." There is not much of a story behind the photo in terms of concept.  Like many of my works, it just kind of came together in the moment and evolved through the editing process (all done in Snapseed).  I purchased the vintage suitcase in a tiny antique store in upstate New York when my husband and I went on a little day trip this past March.  It has the initials "M.W." engraved on the top and I like to think the suitcase itself has its own stories to tell...the places it has traveled, the things it has seen...

I paired this image with a quote from Anaïs Nin: "We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."

Jun 8, 2013

The Mobile Photography of Ivana Bucci

Ivana BucciIn the gallery of Ivana Bucci you will find beautiful landscapes, softly textured portraits, composite whimsical images.  It’s clear that Ivana loves to experiment with many styles and processes.  Below is my interview with this versatile mobile artist.

The Girl at the Piano © Ivana Bucci
The Girl at the Piano (above)

Geri:  What is your name and where do you live?
Ivana:  My name is Ivana J. Bucci and I’m a native born Italian, living in Switzerland.

Jun 6, 2013

Catching up on the Mobile Photography and Storytelling Show

Somehow I missed these uploads on YouTube.  Here are the last three episodes of the Mobile Photography and Storytelling Show hosted by Mal Sherlock @fashion on Instagram.  You can view past episodes here.
Episode 11

Jun 5, 2013

Resurrecting a DSLR Photo Shoot with FunSlides HD

I’m breaking my rule about only featuring mobile photography on iART CHRONiCLES.  I just had to share an app I used today that helped me save a photo session I did with my granddaughters Quinn and Harper.  When they visited recently with my son and daughter-in-law, I had a photo shoot planned to make a generational photo.  The idea was crystal clear in my mind, but I didn’t take into account the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get an 18-month old to pose.  I snapped away with my DSLR hoping to get a good shot by accident. 

Although there wasn’t a single shot that bowled me over, I loved the series and decided to create a video using the still shots.  Off to my trusty iPad in search of an app to use.  After some trial and error and suggestions from my IG and EyeEm buddies, I settled on FunSlides HD

Sisters - Quinn and Harper (Enhanced) from Geri Centonze on Vimeo.

I just love this wonderful memory of the girls who gave me so much joy for the brief time they were here.

The Whole Story–Photo by Shelley Gibbs

Just a stool?  Think again – read The Whole Story. If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph
©Shelley Gibbs

The Whole Story
The story behind the photo is complex and simple all at once. In October of 2005 I had emergency surgery to save my life at the last minute possible.  I had stage 3 colon cancer.  I was 29 years old. I underwent 6 months of absolute hell taking doses of chemo, that was worse than the cancer in many ways. Getting sick for me now means a long recovery time, more so than other people, after chemo, my body changed for good.  A round of bronchitis is 3+ weeks recovery, steroids and antibiotics, down time I don’t have.

Jun 3, 2013

Repix Tutorial Featured on We Are Juxt!

Harper © Geri CentonzeIf you’re new to Repix and want to view a tutorial that is easy to follow, please check out Is it a Painting of is it Repix?   I recently interviewed the developer of the Repix app, Ilkka Teppo.  Included in the interview is a tutorial to get you started with this fabulous app! 

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No.5

It’s very exciting to receive positive feedback on the beautiful work being featured from the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group!  The community is growing and the work is exceptional!

Jane Fiala
Photo Art by Jane Fiala (above)

Jun 2, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Trine Nilsen

When I spotted this image on EyeEm, I was certain that the man in the photo must be a relative of the photographer.  How interesting to learn The Whole Story!

If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.

The Photograph

©Trine Lise Nilsen

The Whole Story
When it comes to the photo of The Outside Spine, this is something we discovered by accident. My friend and I were out for lunch one day when we met this lovely young man with his ears pierced and extended.  We asked if it was okay to take his photo and he was so proud of that. Then his boss came over and told us about the tattoo on his back.  Since both me and my friend are nurses AND photographers we asked if he would mind taking his shirt off and pose for us – and he did. This young man with tattoos and piercings was a really nice, humble and reflective young man.  His spine tattoo was made by a Spanish tattoo artist while this artist lived in Norway.  Now he would like to expand his tattoo, so he is thinking of going to Spain to find the tattoo artist.

The picture was shot with my iPhone 5 and edited on my iPad with Snapseed, PhotoForge2, iCameraHDR and Pixlr-o-matic.


Jun 1, 2013

Look What VSCO has in store for us–and it will be FREE!

This will be an all new version of the VSCO Cam and looks very exciting and to top it off it will be FREE!  The current VSCO Cam is priced at $0.99. 

Karen L. Messick–An Extraordinary Mobile Photographer

About a year ago, before I started my iPhone photography journey, I was researching tutorials for creating painterly effects on photographs.  I stumbled upon the blog of Karen L. Messick and fell in love with her work.  I wanted to know all about her creations and what version of Photoshop she was using.  That’s when I realized the potential of mobile devices because all of her work was created on her iPhone!  I’m so pleased to have finally been able to interview her and share her work with my readers. 

© Karen L Messick

Geri:  What is your name and where do you live? 
Karen:  Karen L Messick.  Baltimore, Maryland

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