May 7, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Suzan Kaplan

The Whole StoryThere had to be a lot more to this photo than just a woman walking toward a trash can.  Suzan Kaplan, photographer, was happy to provide me with The Whole Story.  If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here



The Photograph

© Suzan Kaplan

The Whole Story

This is my neighbor, Rosey. It's difficult for her to get around now. She's close to 90. When she was younger, she would walk up and down the street "pronouncing."  "We pronounce and that's it," she would say. I was sure she was an oracle. I wrote down what she said. I have a book of her pronouncements… 

"Nothing is nothing. It's that easy." 

"The dots fall right off her dress." 

"Start your stories where you live."

Rosey doesn't pronounce anymore but when I read her book her voice rings loud and clear as it always was. 

The Photographer

Suzan KaplanSuzan Kaplan - I've always liked photography and always done it in an amateur sort of way (except after a college photography class offered in the chemistry department, which intimidated me enough that I didn't pick up a camera for several years!) I became interested in street photography and purchased a 4/3's camera online for that purpose but one week after it arrived I got my first iPhone, discovered Instagram and that was it!  It's become a total obsession and my greatest passion.  4/3's camera is still in the box. I work as a graphic designer and before that did metal sculpture.

Find Suzan:  EyeEm / Instagram / Flickr / Backspaces

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