May 5, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Roger Yip

The Whole StoryContinuing with the series, this photo by Roger Yip brought back a lot of memories of childhood and chasing after the ice cream truck.  If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here



The Photograph

© Roger Yip

The Whole Story

Canadian winter had been very long this year, and the weather has just started to get double digits.  This is only the second time the ice cream truck has come to our street.  The first time it came late at 6:30 on April 30, and we were having supper, and had to miss it.  This photo was taken on the following day, the second time it came around. My daughter and I were returning from a dog walk, and we saw the ice cream truck parked in front of our house. We didn’t want to miss it, so we ran about 300 yards to catch it.  And we made it!  It was our first ice cream of the year. It was delicious!  It tasted like summer.

The Photographer

Roger Yip - I am a commercial photographer based in Toronto, and have been since I completed my formal training in photography in 1991 at Ryerson University here in the city.  But my passion for photography started at age of 13, when I bought my first SLR.  I have always been interested in photographing people, not so much in formal portraits, but more candid portraits and human activities.  Though my commercial work occupies most of my time, my true passion in photography is shooting street photos.  I vacation a few times a year from commercial work to travel to other parts of the world to do street photography for myself.

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