May 19, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Joel Adam

The Whole Story

As a parent, I've had moments like these but wasn't smart enough to document them.  Joel Adam has captured a pivotal time in his son's life and I'm happy to share The Whole Story. 

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The Photograph

© Joel Adam

The Whole Story

I had just got home from work to find that my son had torn down his swing set. As one can imagine, I was upset. Reason one being that I built the swing set for him when he was 6 yrs. old. I hold on to memories you see, and the chances of me tearing it down was slim to none. Reason two is the fact that my son is 13 and what in his right mind gave him the idea that he could do any demolition work without consulting his father first?  When asking him why he tore it down he said "Dad, I'm not a kid anymore".  At that point my anger turned to sadness. My son will always be that kid who would jump off the swing when he felt it was high enough, and liked to run up the slide instead of going down it. 

The Photographer

Joel AdamJoel Adam – I'm originally from Illinois but now reside in Louisiana with my wife and son. By day I'm a logistics coordinator for the US Army, and a mobile arts enthusiast the rest of the time. I've always been in touch with the arts in one form or another, mostly culinary and music, but it wasn't until I purchased an iPhone that I really developed a passion for mobile artistry.  

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