May 15, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Geri Centonze

The Whole StoryToday I had a breakthrough in my journey as an iPhoneographer, so I just had to share The Whole Story!

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The Photograph

© Geri Centonze


The Whole Story

This photograph marks a "first" for me.  As I was visiting a local outdoor mall with my son and his family, I passed a young man enjoying a smoke and a soda.  I said to my son, "Oh I would give anything to have a photo of that cool looking guy on the steps."  He said, "You're a photographer, just go ask him if you can take his photo!"  I remembered the words from Anthony Ginns from the recent article I did on portraiture for Juxt.  Anthony said he always asked when he wanted to take a photo.  I hesitantly went back and approached the young man.  He was more than amiable and willing to have his photograph taken.  I started off the conversation with "I am an iPhone photographer…"  It felt great to say that and it was a different experience taking my time to get the shot I wanted instead of sneakily shooting from the hip!  I am thankful to this young man who made it that much easier because of his great attitude and kind words. 


The Photographer

Geri CentonzeYou probably know a bit about me if you're a regular reader of this blog, but if it's your first visit, I am a former sketch card artist turned mobile photographer.  I have been totally consumed by this new mode of expression and started this blog to chronicle the journey.  It turns out that I'm just as passionate about sharing the work of others, so this space also features artist interviews that highlight some of the very talented men and women I've met through social sites like Instagram, EyeEm and Flickr.

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