May 14, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Franco Lazzaretto

The Whole StoryCreepy indeed!  Read more about this eerie Gothic building shot by Franco Lazzaretto to get The Whole Story.  If you’d like to submit a photo and have a chance to be featured, you can find the details here.



The Photograph

© Franco Lazzaretto

The Whole Story

One Spadina Crescent is one of Toronto's creepiest building. It is an academic building of the University of Toronto. Built in 1875, the Gothic Revival building is mainly occupied by the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The building was originally the home of Knox College, a theological college of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Knox College became affiliated with the University of Toronto in 1887, and in 1914 moved to its current location on the west side of King's College Circle.

During the First World War, the building became barracks, and shortly afterward the Spadina Military Hospital. For a period in 1918, Amelia Earhart worked as a nurses' aide at the hospital. It remained a veterans hospital until 1943.

On January 18th 2001, it was the site of an art professor's murder, that still remains unsolved. On September 10th 2009, a woman fell to her death from the third floor roof while allegedly ghost hunting.

The Photographer

Franco LazzarettoFranco Lazzaretto is an iPhoneographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He started taking photos and editing on his iPhone 4 about three years ago originally on Instagram. Currently, Franco exclusively posts on EyeEm.

Find Franco:  EyeEm

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