May 6, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Andreas Schmidt

The Whole StoryToday’s photo shows just how valuable “the camera that you have with you” really is!

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The Photograph

© Andreas Schmidt

The Whole Story

The importance of mobile device photography: My two boys came to this world two months before the expected date. After the surgery I escorted them to the intensive care, while my wife was recovering. Luckily, I had my iPhone with me, so I could take the very first pictures of our sons and show them to their mother who was not yet able to visit them.

They had to stay 4 weeks in the hospital, but everything went fine. This week we celebrated their first birthday and they developed great. Meanwhile I have taken millions of photos with every device I could lay my hand on. But I'm still happy that I had my mobile device in that special moment.

 The Photographer

Andreas Schmidt (40) uses photography as a creative escape from his work as a managing engineer. After his twins were born the number of photo journeys decreased dramatically. Now, mobile photography gives him the possibility to shoot, edit and publish with one hand while pacifying a baby with the other one.  The people on EyeEm are challenging and improving his creativity continuously.

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