May 26, 2013

The Whole Story–Photo by Andrea Bigiarini

The Whole StorySometimes The Whole Story reveals what is obvious and in this case, there is so much more to this image than meets the eye!

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The Photograph

 ©Andrea Bigiarini

The Whole Story

"OPERA MAGISTER" (Latin: the master work)

(From Wikipedia)  "Alchemy is the art of liberating parts of the Cosmos from temporal existence and achieving perfection which, for metals is gold, and for man, longevity, then immortality and, finally, redemption. Material perfection was sought through the action of a preparation (Philosopher's Stone for metals; Elixir of Life for humans), while spiritual ennoblement resulted from some form of inner revelation or other enlightenment (Gnosis, for example, in Hellenistic and western practices)"

The Opera Magister is when something rough become "refined" by impurities and elevated to a higher level of consciousness.  The 3 palms in the picture free, refine and elevate the 3 micro-universes represented by the 3 circles. The main one holds 2 signs from different cultures. The Shield is a detail of of the Orsanmichele Church (1200 circa) in Florence - Italy. The Arabic text come from a sign on the beach of Sharm El Sheik (where the photo was shot). The meaning of the Arabic text is loosely translated  "be careful to reefs", but the lettering reminds me of the centennial wars (crusades) between Christians and Muslims.  So the 3 palms are the pacifying agents for this reaching to conclude the "Opera Magister". Peace between cultures, races and all the human beings.

The Edit -

  1. The main image was shot with KitCam and processed in PhotoForge 2 using "PopCam!" Random settings
  2. The 3 circles where made using Photo Planets App (from 2 separate images)
  3. The 3 circles were traced on the main pic using Collage Painter App with a Multiply level.
  4. The final image was processed using Handy Photo App using Texture/Paper setting.


The Photographer

Andrea BigiariniAndrea Bigiarini is a writer, novelist, author and a digital artist. Lives in the App Store but can also be found in Florence - Italy. Father & Founder of the New Era Museum: http://neweramuseum - "Your image could change reality"

Andrea has published a scientific book about the dissociation of reality and shamanism for Dummies, 'The Irreality Show'.  He has just finished writing his first fantasy novel "The Magnificent Seven Dwarfs" (in revision) and has started writing his new novel "Hello my name was ..." A irreverent mixture between the Tibetan Book of the Dead and a Tim Burton movie (he thinks that one day might come in handy...)

Passionate about graphic design, painting and photography since he was a kid, Andrea believes we are living now in a New Renaissance through the artistic use of mobile devices.

Find Andrea:  Website / EyeEm / P1xels / iPhoneArt 

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