May 1, 2013

NEW FEATURE! The Whole Story–Photo by Michael Galante

The Whole StoryA photo shouldn’t need an explanation, right?  It should tell a story…at least that’s what I’ve heard – hence the term, “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.  But, once in a while I run across an image and I want to know more.  This new feature will highlight a single photograph along with the story behind it.  Sometimes it might be the circumstances of the photo, other times, the editing process or the inspiration for a particular piece.  Hope you enjoy!

The Photograph

© Michael Galante

The Whole Story

Sat next to a lovely woman on a flight. She was elegant and beautiful. She has experienced so much. We chatted about life, family, love, laughter and heartbreak..Must be wonderful to live and grow old, with that peace and sense of fulfillment. I captured the wonder the youth in her eyes as she gazed through window in amazement  I'm happy to have met her.. She's a real inspiration.

The Photographer

© Michael GalanteMichael Galante - New York based observationist.  Artist trapped in a business suit.  All photos are taken and edited on iPhone. 

Find Michael:  EyeEm

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