Apr 22, 2013

Repix Updated and Better Than Ever

RepixThe Repix App was recently updated and now it’s better than ever.  In fact, the image below was edited ONLY with Repix – that says a lot for this app, because I almost always use more than one app to complete a piece.  It looks like Repix has been listening to the feedback of its users - this is by far one of the best app updates I’ve come across to date!


Repix Edit © Geri Centonze

Want to know what’s new?

- NEW - 8 new filters to apply to images for stunning look or final finish

- NEW - Smooth cropping tool with 6 presets

- NEW - New ‘+ style’ feature for selected brushes. Click + to see a new type of effect

- NEW - ‘Starter’ section with images available for users to start editing

- NEW - Direct access to all albums, streams & Facebook

- NEW - Seamless zero-friction design guarantees smooth experience

Repix features

  • Carefully handcrafted selection of 20 brushes include state-of-the art effect, color boosting and artistic styles
  • Repix comes with real-time RebecaTM processing engine that seamlessly integrates the power of the CPU and GPU enabling insane performance
  • Full resolution 4096x4096 support for iPhone5 and iPad3+
  • Studio-grade technology alongside a slick and intuitive interface to inspire new levels of creativity; zero-friction design with ability to switch between tools easily
  • Share creations with #repix to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook
  • Free to use with a selection of brushes, with an option to purchase more brushes

In addition to the new cropping tool, there’s also a cool + feature which gives a variation to several of the included brushes – be sure to experiment with both variations for a different effect. (+ feature on Flares, Glow Smoke, Stars, Posterize, Silk, Dotter, Edger, Legacy, Drips, Charcoal, Daubs, Van Gogh, Hatching Spray and Eraser).  With the + toggle on the Eraser you can now start with a blank black canvas in addition to a blank white one! 

The app also contains “Starters” (photographs you can experiment with).  Below is a quick edit of one of them.  

Repix Edit

What do you think of the new update? 

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