Mar 29, 2013

Friday Favorites–Week No. 29

This week I collaborated with two talented photographers using their photos and my edits.

Patrick St. Hilaire (@blacksmithpat) provided the original gorgeous portraits for the first two and I added my own editing.

Original Image © Pat St.Hilaire

App Recipe for Edit: Snapseed  XnView F, XnView Photo FX, Sketch Club, FaceTune and TouchRetouch 

I wanted the image below to have the look of a hand colored photo.

Original Image © Pat St.Hilaire

App Recipe for Edit:  Snapseed, FaceTune, Sketch Club and XnView Photo FX 

I was totally compelled by the self-portrait of Ketty (@LadyKTY) and she generously gave me permission to edit.

Original Image © @LadyKTY

App Recipe for Edit:  Snapseed, FaceTune, Sketch Club 

The final two favorite images for the week were edits of my own photographs taken on a hike through the hills near our home.  We were surprised to come upon a shepherd and his flock! 

© Geri Centonze

The Shepherd

App RecipeCamera Awesome, Camera Pro Effects, Autopainter, XnSketch, Etchings, Sketch Club and Snapseed 

© Geri Centonze

The Sheep Who Smiled (above)

App RecipeCamera Awesome, Snapseed, FaceTune 

© Geri Centonze

The Shepherd’s Home

App RecipeCamera Awesome, Snapseed, TouchRetouch, PS Express, AutoPainter, Image Blender


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Particularly love the portraiture edits - amazing work!

    Cat xxXxx

  2. Thanks Cat! I wish you weren't set up as a no-reply blogger so I could respond directly. I hope you're seeing my replies and also the comment from the developer of Effexy who would like you to contact him ;)

  3. great pictures question??? how do you chose which apps to use????

  4. Hi Geri,

    Apologies - I was surprised to find I had a 'contact' I could sign in with! Not too sure about the 'No Reply' - apologies. I must have locked the platform out.

    However I did miss the comment from the Effexy developer - I'll go and have a look!

    You can find me - anyone can find me - via (not a plug, forgive me - just a point of contact)

    Best always,

    Cat xxXxx


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