Mar 26, 2013

Effexy–It’s here and I have Promo Codes!!

EffexyEffexy is the newest addition to my app arsenal.  I’ve been lucky enough to be testing this app for © Blue Jinjer and it just hit the App Store today at an introductory price of just U.S. $.99 (regular price U.S. $1.99).   If you are familiar with my editing process, I’m all about apping the heck out of my images so I had fun with this one!  Keep reading to find out how to get this app FREE!



Here’s the info from the App Store

Effexy makes photo editing fun by adding interactive filter effects that you can modify on screen with your fingers. Dramatic effects such as melt, hand shake, and liquify alter your image into a work of art with the swipe of the finger or shake of the device.
Effexy has a wide range of photo manipulation tools that give you complete freedom when editing your favorite photos. Whether you just want to touch up an image before sharing it on Facebook/Twitter, or if you’re looking to create more advanced motion blur effects, Effexy has it covered!
Add multiple layers of effects to your photos before sharing them on your favorite social networks.
★ 10 interactive "Effex" for dramatically altering your image: liquify, melt, hand shake, motion blur, spin blur, zoom blur, tilt-shift, motion lite, spin lite, zoom lite.
★ Adjust the brightness, exposure, contrast, gamma, shadows and highlights!
★ Play with the color in your images, including the saturation, hue, white balance and Sepia!
★ Add beautiful textures to your photos, including emboss, erosion, dilation, polka dot, halftone and kuwahara.
★ Add edges using toon, sharpen, unsharpen masks, sobel edges and vignette effects.
★ Blur your images using gaussian, fast and bilateral blur effects.
★ Choose the size of the output image after editing, up to full resolution.
★ Full Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook sharing support. Share with #effexy.
Many of the effects can be adjusted to any level of intensity by using simple sliders, giving you great flexibility when it comes to manipulating your images.
We’re always happy to hear your feedback on our app, and are actively working on new features! Feel free to get in touch with us via our support page!


Here’s an image I created earlier this week using Effexy.  I blended it with the original image in Image Blender and tweaked it a bit in Snapseed.

© Geri Centonze

One of my favorite features and one I haven’t seen in any other app is the Hand Shake effect.  By setting the sliders and shaking your device you can get a cool effect either subtle or dramatic.


I’m not always conventional when I use apps and I ended up creating a photo texture using the Hand Shake effect. I started with a photo of a painter’s drop cloth.

© Geri Centonze

I applied the Hand Shake Effect in Effexy.

© Geri Centonze

and then from the Texture folder, I applied Effexy’s Emboss Effect to create this cool texture below.  I know this will look great layered over one of my images!

© Geri Centonze

It’s all about experimenting!  If you would like to have this app for FREE just be one of the first five people to comment below (I have FIVE promo codes to give away).  Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you or I’ll have to skip down to the next person in line.


  1. Geri loved the shake idea! One free now and will rock! Sandra

  2. This looks to be an amazing app!! The shots that you have posted so far are amazing!! If these a way to try a copy, count me in!! Thanks!! -BrianK

  3. Looks fantastic! I've been watching for this!

  4. I would love to have the new effexy app!
    My IG name is hereiamjm

  5. Hey, I'm #5! Looks like another great app. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Geri...


  6. You always come up with the best stuff. Bravo!!!!

  7. Hi!

    Firstly, know that i love your blog - it truly rocks so don't take the following personally!

    I also have Effexy and frankly, I am not impressed.

    It's REALLY slow (crashed twice already on a 2448 x 2448 image - not excuseable in comparison to other app's capabilities with 'large' images)

    The ability to fine-tune effects is frankly clunky or non-existent.

    It needs some serious updating before this even gets close to a 'go to' editing / effects app.

    - now however, back to how great your blog is. I surf about 15 iPhone Photography blogs and yours was the first to announce Effexy was available. The app might be pants, your 'on the ball' reporting isn't ;-)

    Cat xxXxx

  8. this app looks fun! i'd love to try it

  9. Not sure that my comment above had any contact info attached. So if I'm still in the running... @skipnscout on Instagram. Thanks!

  10. Hi Cat - Sorry I couldn't reply personally but you are listed as a no-reply blogger =( I don't think the interface is the slickest with Effexy but I do like some of the effects and especially the ability to create my own textures with the shake effect. I've had no problems with it crashing with my iPad 3 when working at full resolution, but I think it's best to report that to the developer so he can take a look at it. He's a really nice person and wants feedback.

  11. Hi!! Geri I would like to win this app and try with this awesome app my IG Profile is Denis Miranda

  12. Hi Cat, Geri's right we'll take all the feedback you can provide. We have no crash reports in the Apple system nor in our stats, so would love to work with you to resolve. Send us an email anytime at

  13. Hi John,

    Thank you for your response and my apologies for the delay in seeing it. I appreciate the follow-up!

    I went on to use Effexy again for an edit -iPad 3 - and it worked fine but I think I've found a pattern in the buggi-ness.

    I'll look to repeat the process (combination of effects) and if it crashes again, pop an email to you.

    Appreciate the customer service!

    Best always,


    (I fear I'm lacking on a public presence somewhat but can be found via - not a plug - just a contact point! x)

  14. @Cat - darn! I still can't connect with you because I'm not on FB! Oh well, thanks for following along with the blog and I appreciate all your comments.


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