Mar 18, 2013

A Painterly Edit with Repix

Below is a tutorial using only the newly released app Repix.  It is available FREE with option for additional in app purchases.  If you’re looking for a painterly app, this is a great one to add to your app arsenal!

Original image of flowers below straight out of camera shot with Camera Awesome on iPhone 4s.
© Geri Centonze

Open Repix and apply the Daubs brush to the entire image, working one area at a time (below)

Daubs Brush
Using Cartoonize brush, focus on the main flowers to apply effect (below)  I did not zoom in in these first steps in order to keep the brush size large.  With Repix, when you zoom in, you get finer strokes with the brushes and tools.
Cartoonize Brush
Next the Edger brush, mainly in the center portion of the image, focusing on the flowers and leaves I want to emphasize (below)
Edger Brush
Hollywood brush to add a bit of blue in select areas (below)
Hollywood Brush
Freshen brush to bring out some yellow highlights (below)
Freshen Brush
Next I used the Undoer tool to undo all effects on the center of the main flowers (below)
Undoer Tool
Zooming in a bit, I applied the Edger again to outline the centers of the main flowers (below)
Edger Brush
I then moved to the menu in the top center of the app to get the dropdown menu and lowered the contrast (below)
Adjust Contrast
Lowered the Saturation (below)
Lower Saturation
Slightly bumped up the Vibrance (below)
Increase Vibrance
Here is the final result
© Geri Centonze


  1. Fantastic - thank you so much, Geri! This is very helpful. :)

  2. Love your tutorials! Thanks fo this.

  3. Geri yesterday I was offered an upgrade in Repix and to my surprise, they charged me almost 5 dollars to be able to use the complete set!!!Sandra.


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