Feb 15, 2013

Friday Favorites No. 24

The Realtor © Geri Centonze
The Realtor (above)
App RecipeCamera Awesome, Snapseed, Glaze, Sketch Club
Quinn The Littlest Princess © Geri Centonze
Quinn - The Littlest Princess (above)
App RecipeProCamera, Salvador Dali Camera, Snapseed, Elasticam, Glaze, Sketch Club, Mozaikir, Laminar Pro, Light Camera Mark I
The Long and Winding Road © Geri Centonze
The Long and Winding Road (above)
App RecipeCamera Awesome, Fingerpaint Magic, Snapseed, WowFX, Sketch Club, ScratchCam FX
The Feathered One © Geri Centonze
The Feather One (above)
App RecipeCamera Awesome, Fingerpaint Magic, Alt Photo, Tangled FX, Laminar Pro, PhotoCopier, Camera+, ShockMyPic and Sketch Club
The Redhead © Geri Centonze
The Redhead (above)
App RecipeCamera Awesome, iColorama, Face Goo, Sketch Club, Pic Grunger
The Mask © Geri Centonze
The Mask (above)
App RecipePicturePimp, Tangled FX, Image Blender, Face Goo, PictureShow, Pic Grunger, Grungy, Laminar Pro, Decim8, Sketch Club and Snapseed


  1. Works of art...each and every one!

  2. Haven't popped in for a while, can't keep up with you oh techie goddess. Love #1 and #2, these are my faves....Hope all is well. xox

  3. amazingly talented. your work is beautiful!


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