Feb 1, 2013

Friday Favorites No. 22

So many venues so little time…Instagram, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbler, EyeEm, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook – and that’s just a few of the places we can share our images and our ideas.  I’m finding I can’t be everywhere and do a good job of it, so I’m cutting back a bit of my online presence in order to focus on a few.  EyeEm is my preferred place for posting images and viewing those of other artists.  My blog is still my “baby” and hope there will always be time for that.
If anyone has any tips on how to handle this juggling act, I would love to know!
Here are my favorite edits from this past week along with their App Recipes.
Distorted Stranger #1 © Geri Centonze
Distorted Stranger #1 (above)
App RecipeProcamera, iColorama, Laminar, Percolator, Snapseed 
Distorted Self #1 © Geri Centonze
Distorted Self #1 (above)
App RecipeProCamera, Salvador Dali Camera, Snapseed, Glaze, Sketch Club
Distorted Self #2 © Geri Centonze
Distorted Self #2
App RecipeLeme Camera, Salvador Dali Camera, Sketch Club, Photocopier, Snapseed
Gent Walking © Geri Centonze
Gent Walking (above)
App RecipeProCamera, iColorama, Image Blender, Laminar, Snapseed
Pacifica Garden © Geri Centonze
Pacifica Garden (above)
App RecipeProCamera, ShockMyPic, Snapseed, PS Express, BlurFX, Image Blender, Polatax

Salvador Dali Bird © Geri Centonze
Salvador Dali Bird (above)
App RecipeProCamera, Salvador Dali Camera, Portrait Painter, ShockMyPic, Sketch Club, Snapseed
Untitled © Geri Centonze
Untitled (above)
App RecipeRealSpyCamera, Portray, Snapseed, Steampunk Photo Tada!
Untitled © Geri Centonze
Untitled (above)
App RecipeProCamera, TouchRetouch, Diptic, Portray, Steampunk Photo Tada!


  1. You're doing so much better than I in managing the juggling act!! But what you're doing in scaling back is my suggestion. Frankly, I want to live my life, not be snagged by every social media site that exists. I especially love your Distorted Self #1 and your Salvidor Dali bird! Have a super weekend!

  2. I love those distorted self portraits. I do miss you on Instagram tho, because I can't be bothered with eye Em...

  3. As usual, fantastic images; however, I absolutely adore your self portraits! As far as the juggling act...I'll keep my eyes open for responses. I haven't a clue and I'm quite burned out myself. :( ♥

  4. I am struggling with the exact same problem as I assume many of us are!!!! So many places to view amazing art and so little time! I too would love to learn how to juggle this better and scaling back seems the way to go but I don't want to miss anything!!!! Yikes!

    I love all these images you posted and am going back now to take a closer look!!!


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