Jan 10, 2013

The Answer to Why Mobile Photography?

Recently on EyeEm and Instagram I posed the question to my friends “Why Mobile Photography?” instead of a DSLR camera.  Here are a few of the comments and I received along with work from each person that commented.  Thanks to all who participated in the lively discussion!

Tonya @sunshine42 on EyeEm says:

I don't have a lot of time and my iPhone is so easy and you can get those quick pics that you would normally miss.. I have become addicted to taking pics now.. I never knew how much I loved shooting and editing them until my iPhone.. :) even tho I'm not suppose to do it.. I've taken some it my best shots driving! lol

© Tonya @sunshine42

@rmsherwood on Instagram says:

I work with an iPad. It may not be as discreet as an iPhone but it is mobile and because I love the editing process I don't really have to be "wired" all the time.... The camera, apps and the process can take place when I am away from my home with ease. Also I can get away with taking pictures of people on the sly.... People are starting to catch on to iPhones whereas, the iPad I can pretend that I am working on "spread--sheets"!

© rmsherwood

Pernille Scheele of Oslo,Norway @pernillescheele on Instagram says:

I choose my phone as I get totally different shots with it. As you, I like to sneak a pic, and it’s with me always. So my shots are not planned, nor perfect. But the moments I get to capture or steal with it I think are perfect. If I take a picture with my Canon, the pic might be perfect, but it’s planned, so it’s a more boring picture to me. The subjects pose, the setting and lens on cam makes the photo flawless. But I like the *personality* of the not perfect better. :)

© Pernille Scheele

@matty-andrews_ on Instagram says:

I don't take as many people shots as you, but before I had my iPhone I used to constantly see something interesting or beautiful and think to myself "damn I wish I had my camera"! I've not said that since! It is also grants you access to hundreds of filters and editing tools which all give a different look and can be applied in seconds. Some may say you lose the art of photography but you still have to be able to capture and frame an interesting picture. It replaces any labor of editing with fun!

© @matty_andrews_

Susan Libby @susetoo on Instagram says:

I have read interviews with several photographers (professional and amateur) and when asked which is their favorite camera they answer "the one I have with me" and for most of us that is our phones - all echoing the comments above. And what I love most is the ability to take a not so great photo and edit it to be something magical or at least interesting!

© Susan Libby

Laurie @lpara on Instagram says:

I never knew how much I loved photography UNTIL I started shooting with my iPhone ... My camera was used solely as a memory maker (birthdays, holidays, and sometimes the occasional flower). Now I'm a fanatic photo capturer addict and finding new things to take a shot of is my opiate.  I love the editing process as well which I never knew existed (not counting the astronomical adobe Photoshop which I never had) ... Love love love editing

©Laurie @lpara

Eric Dijkstra @__eric on Instagram says:

In nature/landscape I use my DSLR .. on street I photograph people and yes, I can do that very discretely with my phone .. and my phone has the Blender, Iris, etc. to create my art out of it .. compact!

© Eric Dijkstra

Mary Lou Turbin @mlturbin on Instagram says:

Such a sense of freedom and delight with just my iPhone

© Mary Lou Turbin

Thomas Eckhoff @thomaseckhoff on Instagram says:

Freeeedom! I've been carrying the SLR on my shoulder for so many years as professional photographer. It stole my passion for photography. I was sick and tired of it and I just wanted to paint and draw. Now I'm back where I started 30 years ago, burning with passion for photography. I've been refueled, all thanks to mobile phones and compacts! And IG.

© Thomas Barstad Eckhoff

Anne Adams @anneeadams on Instagram says:

Firstly I've only ever been a point & shoot girl. Learning about apertures and settings has never appealed to me. Secondly I love the portability & multi-functionality of my phone. I have everything I need in one small device. I can shoot, edit & post my pics easily and quickly. Thirdly the phone is always with me. I've rarely left home without my handphone since I got my first one, so I always have my camera with me. Fourth…It's inconspicuous. I'm not drawing attention to myself when taking photos & don't feel self-conscious about taking photos in public. I still don't like taking face on or close up shots of strangers as I feel that's invading their privacy but occasionally I will ask a person if I can take a photo. I do enjoy viewing other people's candid photography (including your 'sneaky pics' Geri).

© Anne Adams

You can see the mobile phone is a versatile tool that facilitates almost whatever the mind can conjure up to create!

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