Jan 25, 2013

JixiPix releases Aquarella and I have a Giveaway!

Aquarella by JixiPixI couldn’t wait to get my hands (well fingers) on the latest painterly app from JixiPix.  As a mixed media artist, I know how unforgiving watercolor can be, but now with Aquarella, I can create watercolor images from my photographs!  It was just released and the good news is JixiPix was kind enough to provide me with a promo code for the iPhone version to giveaway.  Scroll down and see how to enter, but first take a look at what I was able to create without any practice!  And no brushes to clean!!!

Aquarella Landscape © Geri Centonze

Aquarella Roses © Geri Centonze


Aquarella Street Photo © Geri Centonze

Pretty amazing for my first try!  Just load your image into Aquarella and choose from a number of preset styles (there are 32!).  With the Adjust tab, you can adjust Color Detail, Enhance Colors, Wet Edge Strength and Wet Edge Detail.  You can also select from 6 different Paper Styles.  On to the Wash tab to choose from 63 wash styles!  (Wow!  JixiPix went all out with this app!).  And finally you can adjust the bloom on the paint, choosing from 41 styles.  Each style can be adjusted in strength and you can even reverse the bloom.  I have to hand it to JixiPix, they thought of everything with Aquarella.

Right now Aquarella is selling for $1.99 for the iPhone and iPad versions and $7.99 for MAC.  Good news - I have an iPhone promo code to give away.

How to EnterTo enter, just leave a comment below (duplicate entries will be deleted).  If you want another chance to win, just tweet the giveaway and let me know you tweeted in a SEPARATE comment.  You can enter up until noon on Sunday, January 27th.  The winner will be announced after noon.  Be sure to leave contact information so I can send you the promo code if you should win(If I cannot contact the winner, another name will be selected) 

Good Luck!


  1. Sounds wonderful...thank you for the opportunity, Geri!

  2. Well, I sure do hanker after this app! Anything Jixi is great by me!


  3. Commenting on behalf of @trini_no of Instagram who was unable to leave a comment. Good luck Trini!

  4. This looks great. Thanks for hosting another giveaway!


  5. Nice work with the new Aquarella app. So many apps so little time. Hope all is well. BTW, love the "Her Dark Side" image.


  6. Would really like to have this one. Love Jixipix apps!!!

  7. Wooow Awesome app, thanks for the giveaway

  8. Adding an entry for Michael Clawson who tweeted the giveaway! Thanks Michael!

  9. This watercolor app looks very interesting. I've been using the Oil Paint Filter a lot in Photoshop CS6, but the results produced here are very different.


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